Bollywood Poll: Your favorite couple!!

Who is your favorite real life couple???

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35 thoughts on “Bollywood Poll: Your favorite couple!!

  1. Ajay & Kajol Couple of the Century. That’s it.
    Madhuri is my best actress All time. Srk is my Fav; also but Best Jodi 
    AJAY & KAJOL ………It’s fact.

  2. Bollywood couples, ther’re all darlings. Therte is no comaprisons, they all have their own place.I respect & love all of them because they all have high character. Bless you all!!!!!

  3. madhuri-sriram and shahrukh-gauri. ESPECIALLY after the priyanka gossip, because it shows how strong their love, their marriage truly is. 

  4. Could have been Shah Rukh and Gauri – but not after the Priyanka Chopra affair :((
    My favourite ones will be Hrithik-Suzanne and Ajay-Kajol. Madhuri-Sriram look good too. 

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