Tough competition between Shahrukh khan and Ajay this diwali!

Shahrukh khan and Ajay, both superstars have never come head to head in recent times, but this ‘Diwali’ their going to have a tough face-off with both their movies, Ajay’s ‘Son Of Sardar’ and SRK’s untitled romance flick produced by YRF releasing on the same day.

Both the ‘Diwali’ releases, SON OF SARDAR and Yash Chopra’s untitled film, will have a ten day week as both the films are set to release on Tuesday, 13th November to be precise, and therefore the first extended week for both the films will be of 10 days.

After watching the promos Of Son Of Sardar and YRF’s untitled flick which has received great response from the audience the stage is set for both the movies to explode at the box office.

Which one will u go for?

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5 thoughts on “Tough competition between Shahrukh khan and Ajay this diwali!

  1. shahrukh and SHAHRUKH only! are u kidding? if I have the choice between a full on ROMANTIC MOVIE DONE B SHAHRUKH KHAN, THE KING OF ROMANCE, WHY THE HELL WOULD I BE WATCHING SOMETHING ELSE? I’ve been waiting for srk to return to romance. cannot wait!

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