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Saif ali khan’s birthday to be celebrated in London!

Looks like saif ali khan and Kareena are going to have a fun filled week in Londion as Saif;s birthday is coming up and Kareena wants to be with him. She has taken a break from promoting her upcoming movie ‘Heroine’. This is her second visit to Britain’s capital in the past two months.

She was last there with her future mother-in-law and while there she celebrated he sister Karishma’s birthday. London also happens to be Saif’s favorite holiday destination and seems like thats why they have chosen to spend the week partying for the nawab’s birthday.

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  1. 111

    August 10, 2012 at 1:31 pm

    celebrity life is all about money, parties , love and sex they have no diffeculties in their lives

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