Aishwarya Rai’s images photoshopped or has she really lost weight?

aishwarya rai

aishwarya rai

Aishwarya Rai’s recent jewelry photoshoot has become a hot topic to talk about. While the actress has recieved thumbs up for her com back on silver screen, many are talking about her sudden weight loss too.

Post pregnancy, Ash had gained few kilos and stuck to it for a few months too. She was booed by her critics a number of times too. Even at the Cannes film fest, she was criticized for her weight gain. However, the 38-year-old actress chose to remain silent, paying a deaf ear to all her critics and haters.

After almost eight months, Ash returned to the silver screen with a commercial by Kalyan Jewelers. While she does look gorgeous, slim and fit in the posters, a few section of people feel that her images have largely been photoshopped!

The actress’s plumpness is pretty evident in a few pics and hence, this has led to people talking about her images being photoshopped and her weighty issues, yet again.

Take a look at the pics… What do you think???

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25 thoughts on “Aishwarya Rai’s images photoshopped or has she really lost weight?

  1.  she is just really have mesmerizing beauty ….and magical beautiful eyes…)…..and i dnt think it is photo shop as because with in few days she is going to officially unveil the brand publicly whr automatically  came to know that has she lost weight or not…… but she is real diva………….)
    ALLAH PAK BLESS  her and all,AMEEEN

  2.  i dont like what she is wearing…..not a good choice of outfit..Very  old fashion jewellery….bad choice ash………

  3. No she even said in an interview that she is going to lose weight. No offence but I really don’t get this media when she was fat they has a problem and when she is skinny they still have problem.

    1. hahahah you are big lier you are aishwarya big fan and i see you comment at all ash news and you always defend her come on !!  anyways ash looking old the age starts to appear in her face and she is still fat

      1. your a idiot that is a another Fatima . I am the original Fatima and I am a aishwarya fan and proud of it and i am not no fan of bebo the man.

        1. Bebo is not man your Ashwariya rai is a sumo who has no beauty.
          no tell me what so special about ash that she got married to junior bachan or that she has blue or whatever colour eyes they are.Atleast Bebo doesn’t brag about her eyes or skin.And ash is like an antie to Bebo not age wise but look wise ash looks so old. Ash is original beauty…… my foot

        2. UR all IDIOTS….iam the really Fatima and i need to show U my loose black hairy pussy…it’s jus like ash rai pussy…black and loose

    2. i am the original Fatima. i have been coming to this site for a couple of months. i don’t want people confusing us because i am a true aishwarya fan and never will be a fan of bebo. use a another name or use your last name too.

      1. excuse me my name is Fatima and I justbefaise your Mae is Fatima as well that doesn’t mean that I have to change my name. Freak

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