Despite my thunder thighs I was on the top spot, says Kajol!


Kajols Devgn banishes the myth that one needs to be size zero and wear only branded clothes to survive or rather we say, reach the top spot in Bollywood. She also says that despite being a fashion disaster and possessing thunder thighs, yet she was no 1, at one point of time.

Recalling her past when she was often criticized for a bad dressing sense, a phase when she lost all confidence in herself and later gave a deaf ear when her films started to succeed, Kajol says, “I remember reams of newsprint being written about how my thunder thighs were ruling the screen.”

“It was a scary time and didn’t give me a lot of confidence about the way I looked. But eventually, I realized that my films were still doing well, and I was getting more work, so I stopped caring.”

Kajol also said there is so much of pressure on today’s actors to stay fit and slim and dress in designer clothes, which is unnecessary and sheer nonsense.

“There’s so much emphasis on being a size zero, wearing the right brands. I don’t think I would have been able to handle this pressure.”

Despite being a mother of two, Kajol has no plans to quit the film industry and says she would want to act even at the age of 70.
“I don’t think I will ever be off the market as an actress. I want to act even when I’m 70. I could play the sexy, stunning grandmother.”

In the recent past, Kajol has been working out on her baby fat quite religiously and has now become a fitness freak. She may not be size zero but she definitely looks more fit, tones and stylish.

You agree???

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9 thoughts on “Despite my thunder thighs I was on the top spot, says Kajol!

  1. kajol is ugly and was never number 1, madhuri and karishma were the queens in those days. kajol is rude she slapped her fan  she is a idiot for saying she was on top, she was only noticed for doing movies with srk other wise she nothing

  2. She looks great but her secret to success is that she actually has talent and charisma that translates across the movie screen. 

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