Bollywood Poll: Who rocks the jumpsuit look???

Who rocks the jumpsuit look???

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19 thoughts on “Bollywood Poll: Who rocks the jumpsuit look???

  1. Sonam looks fab here and so does kareena – the colours really suit both of them! It really does not suit Amrita – almost makes her looks shorter than she is.

  2. kareena kapoor because she is the whites and goo looking i hate the rest and i realy hate priyank because she is black and………… a bitch i don’t understand hw she is in bollywood she is a cow some one plz tell her to have a bath
    who ever likes priyank they are idiots

    1.  Sad to know that there are still people in the 21st century that have such a backwards thinking mind where they refer to people with darker skin as ‘black’ and somehow less beautiful than others – you should be ashamed of yourself!

    2. Your probably look like a piece of crap, don’t know why your talking about others.

      Look at the way you talk. Your probably some illiterate bimbo! 

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