Priyanka quits Twitter because of haters!


Priyanka Chopra had kept Twitter on hold for sometime after she received few hurtful and nasty comments from her haters on the micro-blogging site.

She recently returned back to the site and explained to her fans the reason for her absence.

“Hi Everyone.. Sorry i disappeared. I was very hurt by a few haters who i seem to expose myself to by tweeting..but then i also realised how much luv most of u have shown me..So here I am..cautious..but to all who share love..cause thats all I’m here to do..for anyone else..c ya!” Priyanka Chopra explained in detail.

To this, her fans immediately tweeted the hashtag welovepriyankachopra and made it trend on Twitter.

Thanking her friends, PC replied, “Thank u to all u wonderful supporters..I’m so touched that u trended”we love Priyanka Chopra” worldwide!didn’t know till now! Thank u! Muah.”

The actress is currently recording her first music album and holidaying with her buddies in Ibiza, Spain.

4 thoughts on “Priyanka quits Twitter because of haters!

  1. Dear Priyanka Chopra why are irritate to your fans you are one of most talented actress in the Bollywood industry. So because of your absence they reacting harsh with you from social networking sites. So please keep in touch with fans…

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