Is Kareena referring to Katrina??

As a part of her script in Heroine, Kareena Kapoor takes a dig on her fellow actress Katrina Kaif, saying he got famous only because of her boyfriend.

In the scene, Kareena while interacting with a media person, makes remarks, about how the leading heroine became successful because of her boyfriend in the industry. Not just that. She also mentioned about how the actress’ passport should be checked to identify her real name, age and country of origin.

Rumors have it that in the film, the lady playing the ‘foreign’ actress is supposed to resemble Katrina.

Initially, Kareena said no to the scene as she was aware of the later effects. However, director Madhur Bhandarkar convinced her reasoning that several aspiring actresses did come to India to try their luck in films.

9 thoughts on “Is Kareena referring to Katrina??

  1. ok sharon  kareena is talented but as per popularity chart katrina is the biggest and powerful among all heroines and her craze is jst unparalled  any buddy barely likes karrena so katrina is the best and rest all are waste and jealous of katrina rampant growing popularity graph

  2. Should I remind you that is it a script in a movie that was written by someone else and not Kareena?  It’s a movie people and they have lines.  Why go after Kareena, go after the people that wrote the script. 
    Furthermore, Kraeena is a great actress and she has come a long way.  Time will tell with Katrina.  I think she is beautiful, and I like her, but the Kats can’t act.  She barley understand hindi. 
    Now back off of Kareena.  Honestly, what has she ever done to any of you haters?

  3. kareena is an idiot she is jst jealous of katrina  bcus katrina is at the no:-1 position nobody likes kareena but evry budy likes katrina from child to a 90 yrs old person..let me remind kareena that she is in bollywood bcus of her family name ..karishma is much btr then her KAREENA  A LOSER HATE KAREENA AUNTY

  4. True..She is only popular because she is getting more movies supporting male actors. she is only there to look good….How can she be number 1 in bollywood when she can’t speak hindi. How is other girls like Amrita Rao, Gracy Singh and so on can not get opportunities. They are very good actors too. Its because she is recommended by you know who….

  5. I don’t know what Kareena is talking about because she would not be in Bollywood without her family name. She’s just a jealous bitch! 

  6. katrinha is successful becasue of silly salman who falls for idiotic people who use him katrina stilll cant act she is totally talentless but her vulgar clothes in her item songs is a way to lustful audiences ever thought why she doesnt win any awards she is so crap even the audience have nothing better to do in their life

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