It’s Shobhaa De vs Oprah Winfrey!!

Oprah Winfrey’s recent comment about Indians still eating with their hands hasn’t gone down to well with the Indians.

The queen of talkshows was in India,to shoot a special India episode for her ‘Oprah’s next chapter’ earlier this year which was aired recently.

Her statement “I heard some Indian people eat with thier hands still?” has recieved a very very negative response from the Indians and also called her snobbish.

Oprah’s comment also offended Indian author Shobhaa de who got mighty pissed with her and tweeted, “Oprah’s last chapter! thats what angry Indians are calling the much hyped but ridiculously shabby show. Oprah has lost her groove. Honey pack up! posted De.

Lets see what Oprah has to tell De.

9 thoughts on “It’s Shobhaa De vs Oprah Winfrey!!

  1. Look guys people eat with their mouth!!!!! lol.I dont understand what the fuss is all about. Eating with your hand makes the food feel more tasty.

  2. yes indian around the world eat with their hands before and now and in future……
    and so does other ppl around the world who eat kebab kfc macdonald…..

    Indians around the world are not starving they are eating with their hands and are eating well….

  3. Yes oprah..indians do eat with their hands..what does poor African countries with their hands l.. don’t let wealth make u foolish..

  4. I don’t necessarily think Oprah’s comment is insulting. It was more of a curious question,¬† I think. But regardless, Oprah has lost touch with reality due to her extraordinary fame and wealth. Its unfortunate because when your journey is over on earth you cant take wealth with you. So yes Oprah, Indians still eat with their hands, just like you enjoy your hamburgers, fries, pizza, chicken wings etc…

  5. Yeah oprah, we indians eat with hands and you guys eat with mouth like animals because hands are used for other s**tty work, righ!

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