Salman Khan’s alcohol and smoking woes finally over!

salman khan

Even though Salman Khan is a fitness freak, He enjoys drinking and smoking.

As of now sources claim that the superstar has not only given up drinking but has also thrown away the cancer sticks! He decided to give up his habits after
his health scare trigeminal neuralgia (an extremely painfull nerve disorder) which was detected last year.

He is being very careful because he doesn’t want anything to affect his recovery process from this disorder. A source revealed that sallu has found an innovative way to resist the temptation to smoke by holding an unlit cigarette and puffing on it until the urge passes by.

Salman has made a smart decision, Lets see if the other superstars follow his footsteps and stab the butt.

4 thoughts on “Salman Khan’s alcohol and smoking woes finally over!

  1. what about his worst vices?…lady abusing n murder…he should give those up , he is the same cad he always was..he will never change

  2. my mom suffers from trigeminal neuralgia…i wouldn’t wish this on anyone…it’s so painful.Hope you get better soon Salman and congrats on giving up smoking and drinking

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