After Katrina, Sangeeta spends birthday with Salman Khan!

salman khan

If reports are to be believed, Sangeeta Bijlani celebrated her Birthday with her ex boyfriend Salman Khan and his family, at his home. Her birthday was on July 9.

The actress had made big plans for her big day. However, it all flopped because of some reservation issues. Disappointed with the fact, she headed straight to Salman Khan’s place.

Buzz is that Salman’s mom welcomed her with open arms and cooked her signature biryani for Sangeeta’s guests. And before the party could wrap up, Salman Khan joined everyone and wished the birthday girl.

We had reported earlier that Katrina Kaif too spend her birthday eve with Salman Khan’s family at his place. Seems like Sallu’s family loves his ex ladies.

12 thoughts on “After Katrina, Sangeeta spends birthday with Salman Khan!

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