Salman Khan’s birthday gift to Katrina!

salman khan

Unlike her past Birthdays, this year, Katrina Kaif had a working birthday. The actress was at the Yash Raj Studios, dubbing for her film till late in the evening. Later in the day, she cut a cake with the crew members.

However, once back home, she headed to Salman khan place for a quite dinner with him and his family. Salman is said to have gifted her a sparkling new SUV.

Says a source, “Katrina came back home from YRF studios to change. And then headed out in the new black car. She spent some time with her friends (mostly assistant directors) and choreographer Bosco in a Bandra restaurant. It was pretty late in the night when she reached Galaxy Apartments, Salman’s residence for a quiet dinner with Salma, Salim and Arpita Khan.”

An eyewitness confirmed the story and added, “The number plate, 8822, is similar to that of her old car 2882. It was a brand new car so no one really expected Katrina to be in it.”

Kats, we hope you had a lovely birthday! :)

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