‘Halkat Jawani’ made for Kareena Kapoor??

kareena kapoor

We are all aware of Kareena Kapoor’s item number “Halkat Jawani” in her upcoming film “Heroine”. In the song, Kareena looks no less than a curvaceous diva. But did you know that there was no item song planned when Aishwarya Rai was considered for the film? So now that Kareena is the heroine, is the song planned especially for her??

“Halkat Jawani” is yet to be released. However, Kareena’s sexy look in the song, draped in a sari, has gone viral, all over the web world. The music is composed by Salim Merchant.

“The word halkat is enough to tease the listener. But this is just one song that has been revealed to the media. There are more beautiful songs that you need to look forward to,” tells Salim to a daily.

Salim Merchant also revealed that the idea of the song came into picture only when Kareena made an entry.

In the song, Kareena Kapoor looks fit and fab. Though she went back to size zero, she did maintain her curves.

4 thoughts on “‘Halkat Jawani’ made for Kareena Kapoor??

  1. I completely disagree that she’s imitating Katrina, the only
    thing that is similar is the outfit. GET OVER IT!! She was styled like that

  2. Aishwarya had just started shooting for the film. If she continued with the movie there would of been a song made for her without a doubt.

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