Watch ‘Mashallah’ from "Ek Tha Tiger "…

Ek Tha Tiger

The first song of one of the most awaited films of 2012, “Ëk Tha Tiger” is out. The song is titled “Mashallah” and features the films lead characters Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, grooving to its beats.

The song is set up in an Arab town and has the very sexy Katrina Kaif, dressed in a skimpy choli, showing some excellent moves. She looks out of this world.

Salman Khan on the other hand, looks like a stud, doing his signature moves with his hands and fingers. He is also seen following Kats in the bazaar, singing “Mashallah, chehra hai mashallah!”

The music lyrics have been penned down by Kausar Munir, composition by Sajid Wajid and sung by Wajid and Shreya Ghoshal. The whole set up, including the music is very peppy and catchy.

The surprise pack is Katrina, as she has shown us some really beautiful moves.

Produced by Aditya Chopra, Ek Tha Tiger is slated to release on August 15.

32 thoughts on “Watch ‘Mashallah’ from "Ek Tha Tiger "…


  2. this song is killing,very beautiful song,the song it self is sexy,plus salman and katrina look sexy,well long time we didnt have something new,thanks to this song….
    i cant wait to watch the movie too….i love the way salman dance,very hot..

  3. Salman luks handsome but Katrina is a bad dancer. I am sorry & I don’t mean any offense to her fans but she is a bad actress.

    1. i think katrina has improve a lot in this song,she dance like a snake,lol
      any way she looks amazing in this song

  4.  As she has no talent as an actress she uses her body, she will never be a good actress and she knows it.

    1. well ,she is not the only one who use her body,aishwarya and kareena dont have talent,but they are big star in bollywood why not katrina!!

  5. guys plz  don’t write any negative comment all your comments should be positive ,,,if you say bad thing for any actor Kkss_bollywood will delete your comments even the respected Poonam Pandey you should say good things abt her plz guys leave your negative opinion for yourself

  6. ashwaryah rai would have looked beautiful with her blue eyes in this movie and song katrina is nt even good looking she dont no how to dance at ALL

    1. u mean ashwarya with her fake blue eyes???yes maybe,but katrina looks more sexy and beautiful in this song,and she dance well…u just dont like her,so dont give any escuse…

  7. seriously it really pisses me of when they use nice and holy words like mashallah and allah in a song when its not right and specially when the video is so vulger and u got bunch of skanks dancing in half naked clothes and Katrinas the biggest SKANK of them all shes boring the crap out of me we get it you got a nice figure now start putting some clothes on that all shes good for is dancing around and showing of her body!!! not talent or acting skills what so ever!!!! 

        1. maybe u r muslim but not true muslim like salman – the true muslim for sure will not accept this – you are muslim on papers . but do you pray? do you fast in ramadan? do you read Quran? i’m sure not  –  it’s normal for you to hear the name of Alla in cheap songs

          1. iam muslim,and i pray i fast the ramadan,which is almost in 1 week,and salman is muslim too..dont juge people by saying they are not muslims,what’s is the proof that u are muslim!!!!u can fast and pray,but doesnt make u one,so stop your hypocrite act…
            what’s wrong with this song if they use mashallah!!!!as far as i know,they didnt insult allah…..

      1. we all belongs to allah,and we are muslims, no matter what,so u tell me that i cant use the word mashallah,in a song???how many song ,they have the word mashallah,in this world!!!u guys make a big deal for nothing,i think u should know the really meaning of mashallah,before u juge people…..this have nothing to do with allah!!!!!

    1. what’s wrong if they use the word mashallah???dont u see the arabic songs,they dance vulgar and still use kind words like mashallah and more..
      i think u dont really understand the word mashallah!!!!its not a big deal to juge people,any way ,if u are a hater get lost…..u just jealous of katrina and salman ,so u wanna mix religion in this…stay out of this…pls

  8. the dance in her white custom is very cheap an dirty —even kareena kapoor didn’t perform a dance like that —- Really Aishwarya Rai is the best actress and she will remain the best she is respected she never performed dirty dance in her films 

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