Bill Clinton’s security comes to Salman khan’s rescue!

salman khan

If what we’ve heard is true, the former US president Bill Clinton, took responsibility of looking after Salman while the later was busy shooting for his upcoming film, “Ek Tha Tiger” in Dublin. It so happened that while Salman was in Dublin shooting, Bill Clinton happened to visit the city. Both were allotted rooms on the same floor in a hotel.

Salman as we know, is worldwide famous. His fans are spread across the world. What actually happened was, at odd hours, a few of Sallu’s hardcore fans tried forcing their way just to get a glimpse of the actor. Seeing this, Clinton’s staff was stunned and came to Sallu’s rescue. It didn’t end there. The staff also took charge of Salman’s security for the three days he was in Dublin.

“I was staying on the same floor and to sanitize the area, they had to take care of Salman’s personal security too. It was amazing,”said director of Ek Tha Tiger Kabir Khan.

Salman Khan is truly a star!

12 thoughts on “Bill Clinton’s security comes to Salman khan’s rescue!

  1. guys plz  don’t write any negative comment all your comments should be positive ,,,if you say bad thing for any actor Kkss_bollywood will delete your comments even the respected Poonam Pandey you should say good things abt her plz guys leave your negative opinion for yourself

    1. u just jealous,and your heart is burn to hear good things about salman khan ..
      it really killing u to hear the good truth about our hero….get lost ,salman is a true super star

  2. salman i love ETT primo and song , but kat is too tall she is huge, plz next time find a normal GF plz……… u so much …..ETT ,block buster

    1. sara….find employment…salman will get what he deserves..karma awaits him for the violence n treachery he did …

  3. afraid it was zoo security security not clinton hahaha , the foreign laugh at our films and dance who knows you there  ? don’t be lier Salman bay

  4. such a lie!! Irish people don’t care about a dancing monkey cuz they have amazing actors of thier own such as micheal fassbender and etcc.

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