Celebden Style Check!

Priyanka Chopra looked stunning in a black Dolce & Gabbana dress with jewel drop sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti, at the Gitanjali Fashion Show Dubai.

Like her look?

19 thoughts on “Celebden Style Check!

  1. beautifulll…welll we shouldn’t judge her…otherwise we should judge all those ” old and fake” actorss tooo…..soo piggy chopss simply looking gorgeous!!

  2. Gorgeous girl. Love the simple hair and makeup. Don’t like the dress so much….The first thing my eyes were drawn to was the bad hemming on the dress. Also the gathering around her mid section creates the illusion of a baby bump. She has an amazing figure and this dress does not flaunt it in the right way. I’m undecided about the shoes…I like the metallic detail, but not the black satin fabric that matches her dress. With a plain black dress, she should have worn shoes in a different color that made more of a statement. She also could have gone with some accessories around her wrist. I don’t mind the bare neck. Overall, there wasn’t much effort put into this look and it shows….

    1. you are just jelious from her coz you can’t buy Dolce & gabbana dress ,, the dress is gorgeus and suits her ,, maybe you are fat you can’t wear dress like this that’s why you are critising every part in the dress ,, you think your fashions are better?? come on plz

      1. Haha…@Devid
        1.) I live in North America and can most definitely afford a D&G dress. They are cheaper here. :)
        2.) I am not at all jealous of Priyanka. If you read my comment again, you will see that I started off with compliments. I think she’s beautiful. I was criticizing her dress because that’s what this post is about. It’s asking…”Like her look?”
        3.) I am not fat and can fit in the dress she is wearing. FYI…I am 5’4″ and weigh 120lbs.
        4.) I love fashion, so of course I dress very well and that’s why I pay attention to small details.
        5.) Before you attack someone for expressing their opinion, please learn to spell and use proper grammar. That way YOUR opinion may hold a little more weight.

        1. just relax you are really jelious from priyanka maybe because she’s more beautiful than u and famous …. relax dear it seems you are so angry and i’m sure that you can not buy from international brands like priyanka just go and wear your mom sari ….

        1. if your so bored of her then dont watch her performance when she comes on u twat seriously grow up shes gawjuss an great dacer thats y they ask her to perform your just jealous go put your negative comments else where cuz your boring us now!!! 

          1. i watch the awards functions not for the stupid pc i watch it for other actors  but this stupid appears in every awards function and every program like a monkey who looks for banans,

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