Bipasha Basu Says Most Men are Losers, Looking for their Moms

Bipasha Basu

In a recent interview, Bipasha Basu says most “modern” men are nothing but losers, who want their girlfriend to play the role of their mom as well. She says that it is “exhausting” for her to date such dukhiyari types.

She also took potshots at industry heroes and denounced their inflated egos and mental baggages. These heroes don’t know how to have fun and are always under “pressure”, she derides.

Bips confesses she was very happy when she was single as everybody wanted to ask her out and life also was much less stressful. She refuses to believe the myth that single girls are unhappy because they become more popular instead.

Bips also admits she sometimes plays the role of the dumb blonde to make men happy. Her looks and intelligence intimidate most men, she reveals. So, just to make them feel good and superior, Bips dumbs herself down now and then and acts like a blonde. And, the men simply love it, she sighs.

8 thoughts on “Bipasha Basu Says Most Men are Losers, Looking for their Moms

  1. She’s right about the “dumb blonde” thing. It’s a shame to say that we have to dumb ourselves down a bit. Not all men like that but majority of ’em do. As far as the “mom” thing, I would tell the guy……”grow some will you?”

  2. bibs who will look at your ugly face , and look at your body it’s huge and awful looks like man , go to hell

  3. lol I completly agree all the men right now are all lazy and expect everything to be give with a flick of their fingers.

  4. ofcause all actores are loosers … there is no real man marries or loves an actress …. the real man will not accept to see his wife or his lover to dance with mini skirts and kiss men and make hot scenes

  5. It’s not just the “modern” man, but most men are like that. What I don’t understand though is why she finds it necessary then to please these men by acting dumb. That, in itself is “dumb”

  6. Not all modern men … but certainly John Abraham fits this category :) So spineless to dump a ten year relationship in a sneaking manner. Couldn’t even come out upfront and make an honest confession.

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