Sonakshi Sinha is not single!

Sonakshi Sinha

Not only is she acting with forty plus actors, Sonakshi Sinha is dating an older man too. That’s whats making the buzz in the industry. It is heard that the Sinha girl is in a relationship with a divorcee.

Well, though the actress has tried her best to maintain her so called single status in the industry, reports say that she is dating Bunty Sachdeva, sports and celebrity manager, and also brother-in-law of Sohail Khan. Bunty is also said to be handling Sonakshi’s endorsements.

Bunty Sachdeva dated Sushmita Sen once upon a time. They were together for a long time and made quite a news. Bunty also dated Neha Dhupia for a brief period of time, and is a divorcee now.

With her career graph going high, we don’t think Sonakshi will ever make her relationship public.

7 thoughts on “Sonakshi Sinha is not single!

  1. if news of her being not single is not true she should sue the ppl who is writing about it…..She says in the interview she is very busy with her work load and her parents and sibling are with her all the time..Anyways she can do better i suppose …but not him…he is ugly…grandpa….
    this is my opinion only….

  2. sonakshi you don’t look an actress and look at those bad clothes , i told you before open small window in your house and sell chapaties or go and die

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