Ranbir Kapoor gets cheeky with Anurag Basu!

Ranbir Kapoor

At the launch of Barfi! trailer, Ranbir Kapoor showed his cheeky side when he grabbed director Anurag Basu and locked lips with him, in front the media

It all started when Ranbir was questioned about his lip-lock scene with Ileana D’Cruz and how comfortable he was. Instead of answering to the question, Ranbir Kapoor turned around, grabbed Anurag and engaged him in a make-believe lip-lock!

This gesture took everyone present there by surprise. However, the funny incident also made the media shower applause on the actor.

Ranbir after the lip lock, said, as an actor, one has to do one’s job.. if you believe in the scene, you have to do it.

Basu confessed said, “Ranbir is spontaneous at everything, and the point he was trying to make was that kissing acting nahi hoti, natural hoti hai,” he said, adding, “While shooting, the entire team was like a big boys’ hostel. But that day I didn’t know he was going to play such a prank on me in full view of the media.”

11 thoughts on “Ranbir Kapoor gets cheeky with Anurag Basu!

  1. Ranbir is GAY, just like Anderson Cooper…He has to express it , somehow. The guy just wants to send a messaage. Another ‘bwatty Baay” added to the Indian population. I know for sure that Neetu Singh will be very disturbed by this , just like Sharmila Tagore, when she learnt about Saif Khan and got him married to an older woman.

  2. well i don’t feel that ranbir is  a man … i hated him in scene in sawarya when he was pantless and show his hips … a real man will not accept to make this scene

  3. i don’t think it’s something funny at the end of the day we are indians and ranbir is just imitating the european and hollywood actors by this attitude we got used to see foriegn actors do strange things in the stage or in the interviews and  it’s not necessary for the indians to be like them …

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