Sohail Khan’s driver booked for hit-and-run case!

A 70-year-old lady was killed in yet another celebrity-related hit-and-run case. However, this time it was not the celebrity himself but his driver. Well, we are talking about Bollywood actor, director and producer Sohail Khan’s driver who ran over an old lady near St Andrews Church on B J Road, Bandra (West) at 10.30 pm on Sunday.

Dhananjay Pimple, age 45-years, surrendered to the Bandra police officials an hour later. He is currently out on bail. However, he has been booked under Sections 279 (rash and negligent driving) and 304 (punishment for culpable homicide not amounting to murder) of the IPC and Section 134 of the Motor Vehicles Act.

Sohail and Salman Khan, are trying their best to defend the driver by saying that it was due to rain that the accident must have happened.

The Khan brothers said, “No one from the family was in the car, but we admit that the car belongs to us. There is a possibility that because of the rain, the old lady must have had a plastic sheet or something else to protect her, due to which the driver wasn’t able to spot her.” When questioned why the driver fled the spot instead of rushing the victim to the hospital, they said, “He didn’t realise that he had hit a person.”

Their father, Salim, said, “Instead of tracing whereabouts of the poor woman and her family, the focus is more on our family, to know who was inside the car.”

However, locals and eyewitnesses said that it wasn’t raining at the time of the accident.

9 thoughts on “Sohail Khan’s driver booked for hit-and-run case!

  1.  “He didn’t realise that he had hit a person.” Seriously?? Was the lady made out of wool or something that the driver didn’t realise he had just hit her? Come on people… How can you hit a human with your car hard enough to kill her and then not even notice it?

  2. WOW, Salim says that the focus is more on their family as opposed to the elderly woman who died? SICK!! No wonder I hate the entire family–well, karma will take its course……

    1. u just hate them for nothing,and u know the media always talk lies and say what they dont know..
      well accident happends,especially in india,they got a lot of poor homless people,in the street,and some of them are even blind,and psychopathe,they dont even control themselves,they are so hungry,so some of of them,are killed by their own fault….so today its because of a khan family,the media and the haters gonna make a big deal about that…we all know that noone would want to kill someone,especially a poor old woman,but accident happends and people make mistakes…it doesnt mean that it was the driver’s fault.. 

      1. Are you for real?  When in india did the rich ever care about the poor?  Also, a driver knows when they hit something other than the road, do you want to say the Poor have no feelings, and did not cry out.  the driver knew he hit someone.  the Khans should shut their mouths and bury the lady.  You are so stupid, it is not funny.

    2. thats right, let the woman rest in peace, how many more times is the media going to right the same thing, plenty other accidents happen daily, write about them, when our number is up, its time to go, wether its an accident or nature,but like every body else lets make money off salman by draging his name into everything

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