Now we know why the Bachchan’s are so protective about the little one!

Ever since Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan’s daughter came into this world, the whole world has been eagerly waiting to ave a glimpse of her. However, Ash, Abhi and even the grandparents Jaya and Amitabh Bachchan have always concealed the little one from the media.

Abhishek explains why?

“I am not comfortable with that, I don’t need to show her off. She is not an item that she has to be put up to display. She is a child and Aishwarya and I would like her to grow up as normal as possible. I do understand that her parents and grandparents (Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan) are public figures but she is not yet and let her enjoy that. I have grown up in this industry and have been in this position so I understand the curiosity,” Abhishek Bachchan told reporters.

Meanwhile grandpa Amitabh Bachchan is enjoying every second of his life with the little one.

“Ever realized playing with the ‘little one’ for just a few minutes could be equivalent to an entire two hour workout in the gym! Child is the father of man,”Big B recently wrote on his blog.

31 thoughts on “Now we know why the Bachchan’s are so protective about the little one!

  1. if they showed their baby to the world..people would stop bothering them..this way they are getting more publicity…and i’m sure they love

    1. its garbage….and excuse you! there is no reason to be rude…throw the child in garbage??? i hope you don’t have a child of your own….

  2. Sounds like a reasonable explanation from Abhishek. Every parent wants to see their child growing up in a normal way.

    1. u call that normal way?if your parents cover your face infront of people,and refuse to tell your name  ,u think its normal???they are the one who make the big deal here and complicate the situation…if they tell the baby’s name in the first time,and let people see their baby,people would leave them alone,but they keep playing games with the media and their fans,like their baby was an item for busness..

      1. What a stupid and ridiculous explanation for wrapping up a baby like a mummy.  He calls that normal.  If that is so, then SRK, Hritik, Kajol, Karishma etc are being brought up their children in an abnormal way.  Wonder whether his parents and his in-laws practiced this bizzare ‘normal’ way of bringing up their children.  Only idiots will believe him.

    2. Wrapping up a child like a Christmas present and hiding the child from people is definitely not a normal way of bringing up children.  Hope other new born babies’ parents will not listen to his stupid advice for bring up a baby in a normal manner.

  3. they seem to be responsible parents…if the media will leave the baby alone she can lead a normal life as possible..she is not a display for the cads like subh …queen..sakina person .n zavah…pretty54 person to comment on…finds jobs n let the parents of the baby take care of their child..

  4. one baby photo for their fans would be nice, then the media will stop hounding them, but their loving the attention, good free publisity, maybe they are waiting for good money to be offered, i still think it’s for publisity, shame! shame! shame!

  5. well,nobody was intrested of their baby,people dont have time about that,but  bachchan family are the one who make a big deal about their baby ,first ,they hide the name of the baby for months and months,and then cover that baby’s face everywhere they go,and they called that normal child???they shouldnt complicated the baby situation like the baby was busness,they should make it easy and natural..but look like bachchans are hungry for publicity,so they enjoy,to read everyday about them,so they can call themeselves big stars…shilpa shelty and many celebrities, were very happy to share the good news and show their fans ,their babies,without complications,why not bachchans????
    really stupid and ridiculous gesture…

  6. very caring words from abhi, it is good that aishwarya and abhishek want to raise their child in a normal manner.

  7. Abhishek & Aishwarya are humble & kind people . God bless them & the precious angel daughter of theirs <3

  8. so hyped up man. just cause her parents are a supposedly ‘big public figures’ doesnt mean she’ll be. with a combination of two rubbish actors as parents, i feel sorry for the little one


  9. i donot know why media care of this child.aishwriya is not the first or the last to have a child and also amitabh showed his children when they are just babies so why abhisheik say opposite of his father now.they are just stupids abhi and ash

  10. who is dying to see their child…..its not like she is the only one to give birth in this world…..for heavens sake she has not given birth to jesus,,

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