Salman Khan back to his bratty ways??

Recently, a magazine stated that Salman Khan suddenly turned a baddie during a patchwork shoot of YRF’s Ek Tha Tiger in Film City.

It was reported that the actor lost his cool and apparently hit his ex girl Katrina Kaif with a stick, for stepping out of her vanity van in a figure hugging, cleavage revealing short dress. He also bad mouthed her with foul words.

However, the actresses friend denie the voilent act. “This is completely untrue. Salman and Katrina chose to work in the same film because there was no animosity between them. They got along famously during the Dublin and the Istanbul schedules. Salman cares for Katrina a lot. She is like family,” said the friend.

The friend added, “People make up a lot of stories. Only because they couldn’t keep up to their commitment of making an appearance at an awards function, rumours started flying.”

If the magazine is to be gone by, Katrina Kaif hurried back into the vanity van and is said to have called up Kareena Kapoor for help.

“How did the magazine know what happened inside Katrina’s vanity when she had locked it? Kareena visiting her friend Salman doesn’t necessarily have to be instigated by a phone call from his co-star,” added the friend.

Katrina however, has no comments to make, about this whole story. Her friend added, “Kat has many projects lined up. She doesn’t have time for silly rumours generated by the media. In fact she had to turn down Karan Johar’s offer of Dostana 2 because she couldn’t adjust her dates.”

8 thoughts on “Salman Khan back to his bratty ways??

    1. u wrong,the trailer is killing,very succesfull and nice,u just dont like them,so dont make any escuse..u are one of the haters..

  1. The stupidest article ever published by the media…honestly, I ended up laughing till my stomach hurt!!!…similarly, the Salman-aishwarya story was also a rumour-based publication…the general public need to WAKE UP!!!

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