Salman urges Pakistan to free Sarabjit Singh!

Requesting the people of Pakistan to support him in efforts to free Sarabjit Singh, Bollywood star Salman Khan is doing his best to get a positive result.


Well, Sarabjit Singh is an Indian who has been held in the Pakistan prison since the past 30 years.

“Requesting the people of Pakistan to support me to help free Sarabjit, who has been in prison since 30 yrs. Please. Allah ka vasta (for god’s sake),” Salman Khan tweeted.

“Request the awam (people) of Pakistan, members of the press, Govt of Pakistan, President (Asif Ali Zardari) Zardari, a humble request. It would be the most amazing gesture to send Sarabjit back to his family after 30 years. Hope you support me like it’s your own cause,” he added.

Salman further tweeted,

“I saw a picture of Sarabjit’s sister, it killed me. Felt real sad for her. Help me, help her.”

10 thoughts on “Salman urges Pakistan to free Sarabjit Singh!

  1. 30 years for some one who has not even done anything its sad. they are not even sure if he has done it or not. they should free him because they are not sure them self.

  2. salman belongs in prison himself…it is unfortunate our system set him free because of his money …salman is a polluter n involved in several crimes…lady abuser..

  3. Okay. I love you Sallu but there is no way I will agree with you on this. Why don’t you make a ‘humble request’ to the ‘awam’ of India, members of the press, Govt of India, President Pratibha Patil to release all those innocent Pakistanis that are locked up in their dungeons? They have family and friends too that are as devastated as this
    Sarabjit Singh’s sister. Plus I don’t even know who this guy is and I’m sure many other people don’t either so why should we support you? Lol. :S

    1. he is just responsilbe for the death of 14 pakistanies in bomb blast…they aere not human beings????what about sipahi maqbol hussain..salman if you meet would not dare to say it..i promise

    1. what about the pakistani soldiers being tortured in indian jails
      say something about then

      who had even lost their memory

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