Aishwarya Rai at the Bulgari event…

On June 12, the very gorgeous Aishwarya Rai attended the opening of the Bulgari Hotel and Residences. The oh-so-beautiful actress was dressed and looked splendid in a Sabyasachi Mukherjee traditional creation and yet once again, she shut the mouths of all her critics.

The actress was in London to celebrate the opening of the Bulgari Hotel and Residences in the city. She also met the Isabella Rossellini, an Italian actress and filmmaker. From what we heard, Ash was so impressed by the Italian actress, that she even invited her to her place. The event also saw British-Indian actor Dev Patel.

Tell us what you think of Ash’s look…

30 thoughts on “Aishwarya Rai at the Bulgari event…

  1. Ash will do everthing, the right things in her own time.  She needs time to spend with her child and husband, some private and quite time. Not everything should be public with her family, just leave her, she needs peace and quite, OH! PLEASE!

  2. Aishwarya Rai is unavble to shed her fat. She is not looking gorgeous. Her publicity machinery is trying to blackmail people’s sentiments by talking about delivery of her baby as if this is the first time a woman has delivered a baby! It is a plain fact that Aishwarya is is getting older and is losing her youthful good looks. However, she is unable accept the simple fact and is trying to cover up by acting snooty.  

  3.  She looks fat , only because she had a baby last year. Anyway , she looks quite pretty and chubby.

  4. The dream beauty is breathtaking . I am happy to catch a glimpse of her since she is not keen on doing too many projects.

  5. She looks beautiful…And she will remain that way, how many people you know actually look the way she does at her age?

    1. karisma is 38 years old and she still beautiful and she looks 25 years and also sonali bender she is  39 and still gergous

      1. cad…..sara…queen person…karisma is a fool with a broken marriage because of her arrogant ways.. karisma looks like of piece dried fruit

        1. you are stupid?? i’m saying karisma still beautiful with age 38 i’m not talking about her attiude or her talent ,, and why you are replying every one?? is ashwarya rai your mother?

    1.  shut the fuck up!! the lady just had a baby and she’s 38 years old. give her a break. how would u feel if someone said that to you. idiot. :@6bace509eaf1ef96acd11272646baa97:disqus

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