Flaunt Magazine, US, July 2012..

Freida Pinto Covers Flaunt Magazine, US.

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24 thoughts on “Flaunt Magazine, US, July 2012..

  1. for godsakes, enough of this kaamwali bai! talentless loser with ugly features and cries about her skin color for why bollywood did not want her. bips,rani,priyanka,lara,kajol,jaquline fernandes are all dark and made it by their talent. freida was just lucky to get in slumdog. and no one in hollywood is giving her decent roles, only 10 minutes roles in monkey movies.

    1. she from the slums… they are trying to pretty her up but if thats the best they can do then….yuck she is one ugly mothafocker

  2. can anybody help me find my pey monkey? she ran away to become an actress and had a 10 mintues role in a movie called slumdog millionare? anyone?

  3. I have found the exact same writing in many web sites.CHeck out any Freida pinto
    related post in justjared,pinkvila,rediff.This is very bad PR.constantly puting
    other indian actress down to prove freida pretty with same writing style.Its
    really sad.

    1. her name is rasunida or she/he goes by other names too. she is only one person trying to make it look like freida is so famous and loved in hollywood, which is not true. she keeps saying freida acted in rise of apes and immortals and that they grossed to $300 million because of her lol, again not true. freida has a 12 min role in apes and immortals was a flop movie. rasunida also is behind all the racist indian comments and keeps talking about high cheekbones and bollywood actresses are all ugly,etc. she also likes to keep saying freida looks latina,greek,arab and not indian. she seems to be so obessive of freida and will come and attack anyone who dislikes freida for anything. wel i find freida rather ugly and a shit actress, she will be after me for this.

    1.  Atleast MJ was talented in his job, Freida can’t do her job well, which is acting. If not for that slummer movie, she would be cleaning the sideroads in bombay. She looks like a dirty,untamed kuthri.

        1. Agree with you. She says indians have an issues with being white, then how come she is whitened so much in her LOreal ads and why does she fake a british accent? I think Freida is the one with those issues. Why doesn’t she speak out against LOreal for whitehing her? Oh wait she will lose her contract with them if she questions them. Hypocrtical little c u next thursday

          1. I think what Annie says is that she finds the obsession of Indians with skin colour rather shameful.  The references to ‘black monkey’ etc. just underscores her point.  Really what a strange people you are. 

          2. How am I strange for finding her to be a hypocrite? Which she is? You are the strange one here. There is no obession with skin color execpt in like villages or cities that are not developed in india, and you sound like the same person who wrote it above. Why are you claiming to be diffrent people? Really sad how you will belive anything Freida Pinto says. She is a quasi-celeb in the United States. Keep glaoting about a quasi-celeb who is only getting cameo roles in movies. She will never be given the same oppertunies like Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson. Those are real celebs.

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