Twitter’s youngest user, Raj-Shilpa’s son!

Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra have named their little kiddo Viaan Raj Kundra, which means ‘full of energy’.

Raj Kundra broke the news on Twitter.

“Yes its official @TheShilpaShetty and I have proudly named our son #ViaanRajKundra it means full of Life and energy :)” Raj Kundra tweeted.

Shilpa Shetty delivered a baby boy on May 21, making Viaan the couple’s first baby.

What’s interesting is that, not even a month has passed and the little one is already on Twitter and has more than a thousand followers. Daddy Kundra has been tweeting on behalf of Viaan.

Introducing his son to the world, Raj tweeted: “Please welcome twitter’s youngest user my son @Viaanrajkundra :) be nice to him and he may reply ;)”

Reads Viaan’s profile: I am just a baby so don’t judge me! I love Milk, Sleeping, Cuddling up to my Mum and Dad and want to see World Peace! (ok last one i don’t know much about yet).

Viaan’s first tweet:

“Pyar se lok mujey #babyK kehthey hai! Naam #ViaanRajKundra thank you for all you love and blessings twitter world.”

Viaan continued: “Good morning all, had a great sleep woke up mum n dad thrice in one night to drink milk & play. Thank you tweeto’s for a lovely welcome.”

10 thoughts on “Twitter’s youngest user, Raj-Shilpa’s son!

  1. i am thinking about the first wife and her kids. what wud they think when they see their daddy dear going gaga for his second marriage first kid 😮

  2. she’s so ugly, looking like michael jackson and always showing she’s white skinned when she looks like dark ugly monkey

  3. shilpa aap ko to sharmmmmmmm se doeb marna chahiye kyu ki aap ne raj ki shaadi toerwaja  oeski jaajs kids ko door kardia aur aap proud feel kar rehe ho ek najaajs bacha ko janam dekar.fuck you aur please ietna ghamant mat kar

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