Salman and Katrina in Thailand!


The cast and crew of Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are in Thailand for the shooting of Kabir Khan’s film Ek Tha Tiger.

Salman and Katrina are captured in a pic, posing with a unit hand.

The teaser trailer of Ek Tha Tiger is out and has received a tremendous response. The film has been shot in Ireland, Turkey, Cuba, India and Thailand.

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif have been together through out the shoot. Rumors had it that the lost romance between the two is growing once again. However, a quick denial came from both of them.

“When we start working for a movie we go in as professionals. I am here to do my job and if people want to highlight baseless stories then it’s up to them. I don’t think that these stories will have any effect on my work and the film…I am never bothered about such stories. Why should I? I think it’s what every actor goes through,”
Katrina Kaif had recently said.

19 thoughts on “Salman and Katrina in Thailand!

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  2. salman is a despicable man….he is a embarrassment to out society n indian men as a whole …look at his eyes u can see the raging evil inside…

  3. Salman…<3 <3 <3…ek tha tiger is going to collide into new lengths of bollywood box-office…Salman simply rocks and therefore only ek tha tiger can proclaim the entitlement of the most anticipated movie of 2012!!!

    1. hello dear…..!! how  is everything going !!…u knw salman deserve a better gal then katrina….bt one thing is for sure…  they looks really amazing together.. WHITE PRINCE WITH HIS PRINCESS….cool

  4. Katrina is not the right girl for Salman <3 She uses him when it is convenient <3 He deserves better & I pray he will find the right girl for him <3

    1. hello sister…how r u doing… ? ny new updates..? hope u r doing really well..I m fine 2 ..doing ok…:)

  5. Who is the hero the one in the middle ????????? Hahahhaaaa   Who is that old hedgehog on the right???????

    1. On the right and in the middle?!??…you mean you’re standing next to someone while staring in the mirror…well, then fingers crossed he/she doesn’t get a heart attack!!!

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  6. Wish these gossip mongers wud put a cork in it!  These poor actors can’t even fa**t without sum weird stories being made up!  Seriously, all that trash abt linking actors just coz they’re paired together or enjoy an outing together.  Its no wonder these celebs want to run away fr crowds and media – then too they r labelled snobs or arrogant!  Sad …. 

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