Sanjay Kapoor to marry again?

Sanjay Kapoor

Karishma kapoor’s personal life is all rocky and not at all going smooth. The actress is said to be staying away from her husband, in Mumbai. Her husband lives in Delhi.

The latest buzz isthat the actress’s husband is planning to marry again. the bride is apparently his good friend.

Sunjay Kapoor who is very close to Priya Sachdev, who is a model and socialite, now plans to take the relationship to the next level.

As a source is quoted as saying, “Sunjay and Priya appear to be extremely serious about each other. They want to keep their past behind and start anew.”

During the promotion of her latest film Dangerous Ishq, Karishma avoided all questions that revolved around her personal life.

Sunjay was earlier married to fashion designer Nandita Mahtani from whom he got a divorce just a few days before he tied the knot with Karisma.

19 thoughts on “Sanjay Kapoor to marry again?

  1. Kareena should her lesson from big sis Karisma. They both like to chase after money. Kareena chased after Shahid because she thought he was going to be the next big super star and when his movie started to flop she dumped him after a five year relationship and 3 months later got together with Saif. These two sicken me. 

  2. Well this is not true sanjay rubbished those rumours on his twitter Poor Karisma she could never enjoy a happy married life just too bad..

  3. Karishma married him the same year she broke up with junior Bachchan…mmmmm it makes me think she wasn’t in love at all…. maybe it was a calculated movement… what begins bad ends bad…..

  4. Karishma’s life is entirely destroyed by her mother Babita. Babita thought that Abhishek Bachchan wasn’t rich enough and ran after a bigger catch without being sensitive about her own daughter’s feelings and her life. Babita knew that Sanjay Kapoor would not be a loyal husband or be dedicated to Karishma. She only saw the money!! If Karishma married Abhishek, they would have been a happy couple. In this whole process, the winner is Abhishek — he has got a happy family!!

    1. This was actually more beneficent for Abi because by this he met  Ash who looks better then Karishma, acts better, and is an way bigger star. 

  5. karishma is …no victim…she is a cold calculating lady who will anything for power..this is something she inherited from her mother…her bobble head sister kareena is the same way..she married sanjay who was still married when she got involved with didn’t matter to her..she saw the money n…a opportunity..she made her bed…she should lay in it..

  6. Were they ever happy together?  Honestly they looked like the most miserable couple ever.  I think she just used him for his sperm and his name and as soon as the job of breeding was done, she got out.  And now she is probably getting tabloid media to tarnish him so that she looks innocent.  As if that would help her career!

  7. well he is certainly setting a track record for himself isn’t he??…he is obviously a playboy and any woman who wishes to be more than arm candy for a few years, should steer clear of this sleaze…pretty soon someone else with come along and he will drop this new one like a bad habit…i think KK made a mistake by marrying this sorry excuse for a man and even worse, having 2 kids with him..i certainly wouldn’t want to help spread his gene pool…she should kick him to the curb and take all that she can get from him

  8. she married to that man because of his money ,,, in general the marrige life of any actress doesn’t work

  9. So marriage number 3 for him. Good luck with that. Something tells me that this won’t last either. Feel bad for Karishma though. It’s all her mother’s doing. If she had not interfered and insisted that Karishma and Abhishek live apart from his family, Karishma might be enjoying her life with children and an active film career in the Bachchan clan. Her mother is really the problem and has successfully ruined Karishma’s life and will continue to do so unless Karishma stands up to her. Karishma needs to stay away from her mother!

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