SRK in trouble!

Mumbai Cricket Association President Vilasrao Deshmukh announced on Friday, that Shahrukh Khan will not will allowed to enter the Wankhede Stadium for five years. So basically, the actot has been banned for 5 years.

Reportedly, SRK got into a heated argument with the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) officials and the security staff. Later on it was heard that SRK was drunk. However, the actor denied it saying, he was just angry and not drunk.

It all started when SRK, in a furious state of mind, started shouting at the security personnel and officials when he notice his children being “manhandled” by them.

The MCA filed a complaint with Mumbai’s Marine Drive police station.

Shah Rukh told reporters outside his residence,
“I don’t think that my behavior was incorrect or I did something illegal. I think what I did was correct. They are my kids and I have a responsibility towards them. I will not apologise. They (officials) should apologise to me.”

Recounting his version, the 46-year-old said: “I had gone to pick up my children who were there to watch the match. I went there, congratulated my team and when I came back, I saw that there a gentleman was manhandling the children. They were pushing little girls. I just told him that this is not the way to behave.

“He (the official) spoke something in Marathi, something which I can’t even repeat… I said he should not speak to me like this. It is extremely disturbing to see the way they manhandled children… I won’t deny that I could have said something in a fit of anger,”he added.

SRK wasn’t drunk.

“I just drink socially. It is an easy way to pick on the celebrities and say things like that they were drunk or were angry.”

The version of the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) was completely different.

“This is a grave matter. I have called for an urgent meeting and we shall discuss the matter following which we will decide the future course of action,”
union minister and MCA president Vilasrao Deshmukh told IANS.

41 thoughts on “SRK in trouble!

  1. rudely, I wil not tolerate it eva, neitha wil my hubby. Howeva we react 2
    it wil b axeptabl…..howeva d rules $ reactions 2wards a public figure
    changes……all these horrible accusations…..airing of dirty
    laundry……hez js as human as all……help me undastand Y celebs hav 2
    b crucified 4 evry thing. We all err coz we human….

  2. If my child was bng manhandled or even spoken 2 rudely, I wil not tolerate it eva, neitha wil my hubby. Howeva we react 2 it wil b axeptabl…..howeva d rules $ reactions 2wards a public figure changes……all these horrible accusations…..airing of dirty laundry……hez js as human as all……help me undastand Y celebs hav 2 b crucified 4 evry thing. We all err coz we human……

    1. so u saying ,he has the power to abuse and beat people anytime he got drunk???so now u support him,look like u sharukh are both loser,and drunker

    2. I never thought that people are do dumb that they are prepared to call him a king despite such reprehensible behaviour….grow up, buddy

  3. i am not a fan of this chap…although i will say srk is a decent man in comparison to the evil murdering man salman…why is the media make a cry n hue out of this??…when salman caused a death of a man …n he is free to pollute india..

    1. they always see salman as the bad boy in bollywood,but i can tell u that sharukh is the most criminal selfish bad boy in the world..he just pay the media to cover his dirty life,but most people know that salman is the most great sweet guy with good heart in bollywood..

        1. in your country,u say,like my country they dont even watch sharukh’s movies as much as they do for salman ..
          salman is a king in my country and almost everywhere..

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  5. When Ra one had premiered in Dubai ( I was there) his bodyguards were pushing people around and this father and daughter fell on the ground very hard. I helped them up. Shahrukh saw what happened and he didn’t care. We love him because we think he’s like the people he portrays on film but the sad truth is shahrukh khan is not a hero but a villain. And this is coming from a former die hard fan. It was unbelievable to see how little he cared about his fans. Ra one premiere, he didn’t give out a single autograph. He just ran away from his fans like the were lepers or something. That’s when I learned that being srk is not as great as I thought it was.

  6. SRK is sexual frustrated. In love with PC but hasn’t got guts to admit it so behaving like a fool.  I kinda feel bad for the guy!!

  7. i think this is not enough Srk should b given a hard lesson.just a bullshit he has never been king nd never will b……………..

  8. Indians have been stupid enough to put him on such a pedestal that he has started thinking that he is a king…and can do anything. He should realise that he is a public figure and his behaviour in public should be a refernce for the young generation. But no…he is India’s invention that he is a king…grow up Indians.

  9. we all know that sharukh can be dengerous,when he get drunk..he is a beater a drunker
    he is more criminal,he deserve to go to jail for good…

  10. well ,we all know how dengerous sharukh can be ,when he got drunk!!!!this is not new.
    i think,its time for him to go  to jail forever…once he got drunk,he beat and abusing people,
    i dont know who he think he is…
    but,what can we do???they always protect him by eating his money…

  11. The truth fact is not known to public but the MAC has just hyped out the following things that…..firstly they alleged that SRK was drunk but it is obvious that at night evryone gets drunk n it is not a crime…2ndly when some1 is angry so can speak abusive words,its a human nature…3rdly we see films where protagonists caring their kids n we do cheer for it but when actor as a human as a loving father does is hyped………Lastly the security personnels and a people working as a security guard in evry field in India are rude,uneducated n mischievorous…..So decide public who is right?

  12.  King SRK as usual dragged his kids in his defense and all D fans of  SRK believed everything! :)) [Aww, yes Your King is innocent!],lol 

    One of my frnd sent me this Message wanna share with u all:- 
    Shah Rukh Khan and Sidharth Mallya are sailing in a luxury boat off Goa,india. Suddenly the boat capsizes. Who will be saved? Indian cricket! lol

      1. his nose is like a cup of coffee hahaha  …. just focus in his nose not in that pictreu above go see him in other pictures his nose is horrible he should make plastic surgery sooon … and your nose seems like him

  13. why is SRk above the law…just because he is an actor? he was clearly drunk and using foul language. SRK going through mid life crisis. Ra one, PC affair and brawls with everyone…ugggg…get a grip on your life old man

    1. hvnt u heard d abusive audio of ”Srk” published by a leading indian news channel???,i didnt know that ”Srk” is master in using of #%$#$ language,lol

      No offence to anyone but i personally think that  ”SRK” thinks himself special nd whenever i see his interviews he always says d same thing look i m d best nd i m d king BLAH-BLAH..nd always think himself above d law of india,he did d same thing in the U.S.A too when they asked him to go through proper ”security checks”..

  14. Great job Mister Khan!every parent would act the same  for their children …, i respect you more………and those who think you were drunk may go to hell……….

    1. Dear,. u need to understand that in this CASE he’s not innocent at all..i hve heard d abusive audio tape of srk in which SRK was threatening a watchman who was just doing his duty..

      Security personnel, Dalvi, of the age of his ”FATHER”, doing his duty sincerely is greeted by India’s King SRK as “yahin gaad dunga Madarchod”, sorry to use this word..

      I am amazed that every time there is a controversy about #SRK , his daughter becomes his ”saving grace”.

      .Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter is 12 years old. How terrible she must have felt hearing her drunk rowdy dad shouting MF kind of sick abuse :( 

      .#SRK would he ve dare to abuse US Custom officer?? Such rough and uncivilised behaviour of so called Indian youth icon..

  15. omg, what now. srk , i hope u r alright. i  can they banned u for 5yrs. i hate them , ur just caring 4 ur children.

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