'Ek Tha Tiger' teaser trailer!

In the explosive teaser trailer of director Kabir Khan’s much-awaited film Ek Tha Tiger, Salman Khan literally steals your breath. He is so dashing!

The teaser stars with a voiceover by the actor himself, Salman Khan, going on to tell us about the four wars between India and Pakistan. He then continues to brief us about another war, fought between the two nations on daily basis, the war between the intelligence agencies of the two countries: India’s RAW and Pakistan’s ISI.

There is some amazing actions scenes too.

The teaser trailer doesn’t show Katrina Kaif, yet it looks wow.

Like it?

116 thoughts on “'Ek Tha Tiger' teaser trailer!

  1. Singh is laughing at the gaandu eunuch salman trying to do action!! he will have to have to tie up his skirt !!

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  3. If Kat is not in the promo… It’s no problem… Homo khan can drap the woman’s outfits and make the jhataks mataks it will be a bigger hit hhahhahaaa EK THA HIJRA hahahaa…

          1.  i dont know what u talking about?……but one thing im sure every girl dont want see salman with his girl friend or wife……hehe.

          2.  i dont know what u talking about?……but one thing im sure every girl dont want see salman with his girl friend or wife……hehe.


    1. wchich gaandu u talk about???u mean your father or your self!???pls tell us,u confusing us here..

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  8. Hey SHINE, Neal, Luvyna, Nisha, Tina, Singh and other friends… Please keep your language clean… Please do not fight with other members… If they try to fight with you just ignore them. If they use dirty language do not sink to their level. If you STILL get blocked then we will all understand that this is a site exclusively designed for the praise of Salman Khan.

    1. This site is exclusively designed for salman’s praise?!?…yeah right….as opposed to what?!?…the fact that you actually visit his posts and more precisely, this site!!!…it’s actually very ironic…that you’re preaching how to avoid talking in a negative perspective…and yet…in the same comment, you mention how Salman and his fans both have greater entitlement and low grounds?!?…where’s your pride, kitty?!?

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  9. This movie should be a super hit. He’ s looking good and the action in the trailer looks amazing … All the best salman let’s make this movie another BLOCKBUSTER…. He is just getting better and better outstanding.

  10. I honestly want to express a lot about this teaser…but since it’s intensely left me stunned all that I am able to repeatedly say is “SALMAN ROCKS!!!”…ps: he looks immensely hot with that smirk on his face 😉

  11. First look of ETT is out ,surely a BAAP of all promos..Ek Tha Tiger: Teaser Trailer a big hit on Twitter. It is very rare that a teaser trailer will be such a big hit on twitter but when Salman khan is in the lead there are no rules which is needed to be followed. #EkThaTiger and Salmankhan is trending in all the six regions of India. It truly speaks about the stardom power of Salman Khan.

    In last few years Salman Khan has achieved a CULT status where people love to watch him and they love him the way Salman Khan is and he is not. I am also one of his “BIG” fan still while writing this Comment I have to unbiased.

    I have seen the trailer and trailer loudly speaks only one language Salman Khan, Salman Khan and Salman Khan. YRF is producing Ek Tha Tiger and It appears that to create the momentum for Ishaqzaade teaser trailer of Ek Tha Tiger is released. It is a good marketing treat to tell people that Ishaqzaade is being released today.

    Not a single actor in India come even some where close to Salman Khan when it comes to support from Slaman Khan Fans. There is race to make Ek Tha Tiger and Salman Khan to trend on Twitter.Ek Tha Tiger teaser trailer and and all the tweets related to it shouts Salman Khan.

    1. Hey subh…have you noticed shine anywhere lately?!?…guess he hid out of shame…likewise other haters, he probably shitted his pants, too after watching the teaser!!

  12. i loved this explosive promo ….one such promo is enough to bring millions of people in the theater…..eagerly waiting for this Eid Dhamaka…

    1. hey hii bro..u know people r saying ETT will be d highest opening weekend..i say this is d movie which will overtake 3-idiots business 4 sure:)

  13. Gonna b 1 of the alltime blockbusters of the Bollywood.Salman is simply incomparable.Can’t wait to check it out……!!! So he is the number 1.

  14. Now this is how you make a proper movie trailer! Looking forward to see this one despite feeling that Salman is a horrible actor, this looks like it will be a great fun to watch.  

    1. i bet your only saying that to hide the fact your whole family is horrible and your a idiot for no noticing such tremendous efforts made by salman to please you

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  17. oh my god!!!!i love u more salman khan,u are the best,and i cant wait to the tiger…
    in this movie,u look more sexier and handsome,nobody cant beat u in this world..

  18. Surely…THE RECORD-BREAKER….and after seeing the teaser, I’m sure other actors probably got scarred for life!!!

    1. of course….Salman khan is synonymous to records…this teaser is just mind blowing…i loved his menacing look at the end…it surely gonna break all the records… :)

      1. Exactly what I thought after I watched it myself…and despite the movie still needing to release, it’s already towering its way upto become a blockbuster just through a single teaser…just comes to implicate how big salman’s stardom is!!!…can’t wait…and I’m sure neither can you…;)

      1. Hey, subh…bet you’re as eager and as excited to watch ETT, right??…the teaser just added to my anxiety…hope you’re looking forward to it!!!

        1. dear m DYING to watch ETT,its gonna  be MASSIVE:))) it’s going to be a Huge Hit ! Salman Bhai is looking F**k Awesome :) n r u?

          1. Heck ya…note to yourself that there are two kinds of people who’ll always be anticipated for the release of a Salman film…those being Salman fans and Salman haters…salman fans are attached to the sense of admiring Salman hence they’ll always be anxious for a Salman film…whereas, Salman haters, as a result of their jealousy, they’ll always be curious of how well salman’s film does at the box-office…so on the whole, there’s no-one on this site who wouldn’t be looking forward to the film!!!…let’s face it…we all love Salman khan…;)

  19. Awesome teaser…and I guess the haters are gonna need some diapers when they shit themselves like this since the movie’s gonna be ten times as awesome as the teaser!!!..Salman khan will once again come with a ‘roar’!!!

    1. You can bark all you want…but your pathetic old opinion can only justify your envy…and nothing more…only the movie’s status is going to decide its standard…however, for now, since the movie’s already creating hype, I’m quite sure it’d be a blockbuster even before the release!!!…but I’m not stopping you…cry all you want!!!

    2. u cant compare that stupid agent vinod seif ali khan,and salman khan with ek tha tiger!!!!
      u just stupid,u cant compare…

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