Celebden Style Check!

Karisma Kapoor looked gorgeous at Dangerous Isshq Promotions in Delhi

20 thoughts on “Celebden Style Check!

  1. she looks horrible…she is brainless as her sister kareena..both of them should retire ..before they drive bollywood into the ground with…their filthy acting..

    1. well, i love both brainless sisters n i hold the opinion that both are terrific actresses not like someone with just ‘giggles’ n no acting skill, Ms tina brainy.

  2. gourges as usual ……i hope ashwaria learn how to dress nice from karisma and kareena  …. coz ashwaria known of her bad style of dressing even her saries are so bad ……..this is the truth …

    1. cad…the kapoor sister..does not have the class aishwarya has…they are mere..bollywood escorts…showing skin..using their last name to gain fame..aishwarya came from middle class.not from the film world..yet she is a bigger star…better person n a woman substance…the bobble heads karishma n kareena should learn from her…

    2. Huhhh… Poor sara tell karisma to learn from Aish  how to be a good wife and a good mother… Flop marriage for many years and a mother who abandoned a few months old baby that’s what karisma is about a shame ; a black spot on womanhood

      1. shut up mother fucker bitch aish learn from karisma how to be a good wife and good mother …. aish sleep with so many man so many man fucked her

    3. Hello yaar <3 No offense to your opinion but the Indian audience voted Aishwarya as the most stylish on the red carpet & I agree 100 % with them. Aishwarya is sophicated & a classy dresser  <3

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