Celebden Style Check!

Karisma looked WAOW in a Malene Birger top, black pants and nude and black sandals.

Love love love!

You like?

21 thoughts on “Celebden Style Check!

  1. she is looking…old…like a dried raisin…or prune ..she cannot carry the smokey…eyes with her lifeless pasty skin…n beedy eyes..

  2. She looks plastic and full of botox! When my non Indian friends saw a picture of her they said she reminds them of Tori Spelling . I agree Karima can do all the plastic surgery she wants but she is not going to look beautiful.

      1. That is definitely a grandma blouse, it does nothing for her frail looking frame and honestly don’t you think Karishma’s duck face is distracting?  She really ruined herself with all that plastic surgery…

  3. if you asks me about karisma style and my eyes are closed i will say i’m sure her style is fantastic …  i never saw her dressing bad

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