Aishwarya Rai does multitasking!

Ever since Aishwarya Rai attained motherhood, she plans all her work according to her baby’s timings.

This year too, Ash will be attending the Cannes Film Fest. Her hubby Abhishek Bachchan and daughter Aaradhya will be accompanying her.

Besides taking care of her five-month-old daughter, Aishwarya is also fulfilling her professional commitments and making public appearances.

Finally, we will get to see a little more of Ash next month. :)

71 thoughts on “Aishwarya Rai does multitasking!

  1. Why do comments about her eyes not being blue or green get deleted on this website?  Website controlled by ashtray PR all the time touting her blue eyes fair skin when all I see is a south indian face brown woman with brown eyes

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    Aishwarya Rai is riding high with DHOOM 2’s success and also being with Bachchan’s family visiting Varanasi temple recently. While she doesn’t have much to rave about her success in Bollywood, Ash has always been in the news for her alleged affair with her leading men ever since she made her decision to join Bollywood.

    Who can forget Salman Khan (sources claim he is still very much in love with Ash) from Ash’s life? However, Ash has been intelligent enough to be linked with hit Bollywood heroes in various stages of her career. When she made her entry in Bollywood, she was dating model Rajeev Mulchandani. However, when she established her two feet in Bollywood, success eluded her even though she had a million dollar looks. One after another film flopped. Be it her Bollywood debut film BARSAAT with Bobby Deol or else JEANS in Tamil. It was this time, when she ditched Rajeev and got into Salman Khan’s good books. Her beauty surely blew Salman’s bachelorhood and the two became the hot couple.

    While they were seeing each other and painting Goa red, Sanjay Leela Bhansali cashed on the couple’s amazing chemistry to make HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM. Needless to say, the film was a huge hit and Ash even won every award for portraying the role of Nandini in the film. Their love affair continued but not for long. Sources claim that Ash used Salman to enhance her career in Bollywood, while the Khan was truly in love with her. Each time, Salman and Ash were together out of town, they seemed to be the most loving couple on this earth. However, the moment Ash flew back home in Mumbai, she complained to her mother about the atrocities of the Khan, to be in the good books of her mother. This double standard irritated Salman to no ends, sources claim. This is when Ash was facing the brunt of Salman’s ire and been hit several times by her boyfriend, as reported in various dailies.

    To escape Salman’s passionate relationship, Ash tried to shift her loyalty towards Shah Rukh Khan’s camp. Shah Rukh too was enamoured by her beauty and they worked together first in JOSH and then gave a super hit film in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s DEVDAS. Salman Khan was furious because Ash was avoiding her calls and making various excuses to be with Shah Rukh, who had offered her then CHALTE CHALTE. We all know how Salman stormed the sets of the film and had a showdown with King Khan and Ash. Shah Rukh realized it was not a good idea to have bad relationship with the brat of the industry Salman Khan. Very cleverly, Shah Rukh dropped Ash from his project and took Rani Mukherjee instead. Ash not only lost a very good project (CHALTE CHALTE) but also a friend in Shah Rukh Khan, who preferred to stay far away from couple’s (Salman & Ash) personal lives.

    While the two were having a continuous fight in their relationship, Ash was double timing Salman and developing her relationship with Vivek Oberoi, who made great news as Ramu’s protg. While Vivek Oberoi thought Ash was in love with him, she had planned her grand exit from Salman’s life in a true Bollywood movie. KYON HO GAYA NA released as their first movie. However, the box office dumped the chemistry less couple very badly. However, Vivek Oberoi became overnight, a hero, and knight in the shining armour for Ash by declaring in the press meet that Salman threatened him to be away from his ladylove 41 times. A sensible Salman kept quiet because he had found love in Katrina Kaif. Ash played her card well and started being seen with Vivek in almost all the parties. Vivek was happy as his career never really took off after Ramu’s COMPANY. To show her loyalty, Ash even recommended Vivek’s name to Subhash Ghai, who took him in KISNA ‘ The Warrior, reveals inside source from Ghai’s camp.

    With the film having bombed, Vivek became almost a non-entity in Bollywood and Ash was finding a strong foothold to give a hit. With none of her films becoming a hit, Ash slowly started making statement in various dailies (through her manager cum PR Hari Singh) that her affair with Vivek is over. A shattered Vivek realized how Ash had used him to escape Salman’s clutches. All this while, Abhishek Bachchan was slowly climbing the ladder of success with hit films like BUNTY AUR BABLI, SARKAR, DHOOM and KANK. While Bachchan junior was often seen with Rani Mukherjee, Ash was making her presence felt in their family, slowly and steadily. She even did the ‘Kajra re'” in BUNTY AUR BABLI with senior and junior Bachchan.

    After KUCH NA KAHO flopped, JP Dutta roped in Abhishek and Ash for his prestigious flop movie UMRAO JAAN. The media was fed with some interesting personal details of the two, Ash and Abhishek, while they were shooting in Rajasthan. While many in the industry feel that Ash is a great manipulator and since she had become a global icon, she played her cards well to be in the good books of the Bachchan family. While Rani Mukherjee quietly side stepped from Bachchan’s family, Ash made her conspicuous presence in all the family gathering of the Bachchans. Needless to say, while Ash is using Abhishek to be in limelight, the Bachchans too are using her to be written about in media.

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  4. I think its high time she keeps away from the limelight. she WAS india’s pride but now she is India’s shame. She cannot even keep the image that she had. she is becoming fatter and fatter. Other stars strive to go back to their original weight but she now look like any normal  women.her sense of style as well is shocking!
    so much talk for her for nothing….

  5. ‘Multitasking’?!!! Come on, what a title!
    What do you think all the other working mothers of this world are doing then, if not multitasking. Why do you make it sound so special for Ash. She is not doing anything special …just her duties of mother (by taking the beti with her) and of wife (by going to Cannes to earn more money to feed her talentless husband).

    1. Every mother does multitasking, and besides being on maternity leave, Aishwarya is also taking up projects.  It is not a “title”, just a word.  And the article makes no mention of “other working mothers of the world” because the story is not about them.  It’s about Aishwarya.  No need to foam at the mouth.  If you’re looking for an in depth article about “working mothers of the world”, why don’t you try National Geographic?

      1. hi dear…intelligent comment…but dear…kareena is the same..fake id zavah…pretty54 person…she a is unemployed person douching up the site…like the criminal subh ..queen person…

    2. my vyashya maa taught me how to likk asshol and how to likk cuntt. she would show her cuntt and will force me to sukk it..mmmmm.. so yummy

    1. my vyashya maa taught me how to likk asshol and how to likk cuntt. she would show her cuntt and will force me to sukk it..mmmmm.. so yummy

  6. What happened to her blue or green eyes?  She forgot to wear her colour lenses in this photo and forgot to paint her brown skin white

  7. I don’t know why people are so eager to see the baby! If they don’t want to show her…then thats up to them. Seriously…its getting so boring..first theres a whole big deal about the name and now its all about spotting the baby. Who cares..Babies are babies!!!cute and cuddly not matter who’s baby it is. End Of!!!!



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      1. my vyashya maa taught me how to likk asshol and how to likk cuntt. she would show her cuntt and will force me to sukk it..mmmmm.. so yummy

    1. dat is because your girly panties are on too tight and den you can’t see perfectly flowering homo uncle

  12. well for me i cant see Ash beautiful any more ….. she is normal … she should loose some weight before attending canns festival…..

  13. This is very encouraging news for fans like me who has been waiting to catch more of the dream beauty Aishwarya. She has earned my respect as a actress and now it grows more with the way she is caring for her family.

  14. Do you guys have nothing or no one else to report about othe rthen ASH. She is not the only mother in the world who have had to multitasking. You guys make it seem like she is the only mother and she is mother Thereas or something. Its her baby and she is suppose to take care of it and do her planning around her baby. like billions of other women before her have done thousands and thousands andthousands of years.

          1. my vyashya maa taught me how to likk asshol and how to likk cuntt. she would show her cuntt and will force me to sukk it..mmmmm.. so yummy


      2. my vyashya maa taught me how to likk asshol and how to likk cuntt. she would show her cuntt and will force me to sukk it..mmmmm.. so yummy

    1. yea the granny is gonna squeeze her fat dark body into some western gown, paint herself white, put on her blue contacts and go to Cannes yapping about how she’s a fairskinned blue eyed woman

  15. this is exactly,how she looks like that dark face,well she never be clear,its only because ,she use a lot of chemical and bleech to clear her face,but originaly,she looks so ugly,with her fake blues eyes…and now ,u can see her her fat chics,she looks 47,not 37..

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