John Abraham to marry Priya Runchal, this year.

All the John Abraham fans… We have some awesom news for you people. John has confirmed his wedding with girlfriend Priya Runchal this year. What’s ore interesting is that, we don’t have to wait till end of the year fo his wedding. The D day is just round the corner. You can expect a surprise anytime.

“Priya and I have decided to get married this year,” John Abraham confirms in an interview with TOI.

The actor is very sure about his wedding this year. Hoever, he is not sure of the date. Who know’s, it could be next week also. The actor himself doesn’t know.

“I know it (marriage) will be this year, but I don’t know when. It could be in a few months or a few weeks. I am a very impulsive guy. So I might decide to get married next week!” John added.

The marriage will be a registered one, without any religious ceremony.

One more wicket down! 😉

14 thoughts on “John Abraham to marry Priya Runchal, this year.

  1. err i dont think its a good pair , Much as i like John abraham , I dont think they look good together . Anyways good luck for the future john Abraham 

  2. I didn’t like him with Bipasha. It was clear that she’s too pushy and domineering over him. She also didn’t want him to work with quite a few actresses because of John’s chemistry with ’em. Way to go John!

  3. I used to be a huge JA fan. But after what I read about how him and Priya met, I lost respect for him. I don’t condone what Bips did when she had a fling with some guy back a few years ago but JA shouldn’t do the same back to her. I was never a Bips fan. I always thought he could do better than her but it is not right to string someone along for so long (~10 years?) and end their relationship by finding someone else. That is not right. And btw, he can do better than Priya. Its a step down for him. I would’ve liked to see him with Asin..But again, don’t know these people so my perception of who they is limited and I am just presenting my view of what I’ve read about them.

    1. i agree with you i have lost all respect for him and i really hope he gets his heart broke like hes down many

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