Aishwarya not a part of Sarkar 3!

Recent rumors had it that Aishwarya rai would make a come back into film with Sarkar 3. However, the director of the film RGV, rubbished the news.

Rumor was that Ash will be seen in the film opposite her pa-in-law, Amitabh Bachchan. However, putting an end to the buzz the filmmaker confirmed on Twitter that Ash is not a part of the upcoming film.

“Sarkar 3 is being planned..Amitji nd Abhishek wil feature in it bt contrary 2 reprts Aishwarya won’t be..script is still under progress,” Ram Gopal Varma tweeted.

Abhishek Bachchan was bumped off in Sarkar Raj. So how is he going to make a come back in the third film of the franchise??? Also, Aishwarya Rai was seen getting deeper into the shady workings of Sarkar (Big B). How is it possible for her to be left out?

Think think!!

68 thoughts on “Aishwarya not a part of Sarkar 3!

  1. She needs no films ….. At least not like those who are begging for roles… Directors and producers beg in front of the beauty queen…..

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  2. Aishwarya is enjoying her time with her child and family…!!! When she comes back we will welcome her with open arms…!!! For now bollywood has no heroine worthy to take her place.!!!

  3. aishwarya is beyond any of her roles…she outshines her roles…she is not doing the role…yet her name is brought up…aishwarya doesn’t need the movies…the movies need her..

    1. Very true Tina, she doesn’t go around kissing butts of directors and heroes to get work like all those desperate heroines, she is a class above!

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  6. God bless Aishwarya in whatever she does <3. It is a loss for the Sarkar franchise & Ram Gopal Varma that Aishwarya is not in the film.

    1. hi sweet sister..tell me how r u !! everything going good ! how is your family doing ! hope everything going well with u..

      So sorry could not make contact with you…i was really busy and still I am…:(..take care for yourself all the time and pray for me too ..My best wishes are always with you .

      1. Hello sweet brother <3 Subh told me about your new < job <3 I am happy God blessed you with your new job <3 I been praying for you & I hope everything else is fine. I am fine & all my family is fine. I lost your email he gave me . That is the reason why did not write you <3 please come everyday .

    1. Yaar God did not create us to hate anyone. It is ok to not like someone but hating someone only hurts the person who feels that emotion .

  7. Miss.Neharika the dream beauty is not ready to come back yet. I know as fans we are patiently waiting for Aishwarya to return to the big screen. Sarkar 2 had something special because of Aishwarya’s presence so Sarkar 3 will be lacking without her.

      1. Hello Miss.Kitty,

        How are you young lady? Yes , there are many fans of Aishwarya who want her to return today if possible but the choice is in the hands of the dream beauty.

    1. Hello bhai how you keeping ???? Am fine …. First time am not spending week end with my parents… Am feeling lonely…


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