Ekta Kapoor gets John-Bips together!

It’s been almost a year that Bipasha Basu and John Abraham have parted ways. Well, thorough professionals that they are, the ex couple are now back together in Ekta Kapoor’s film.

If sources are to be believed, “Ekta Kapoor has managed a coup for her next production Shootout at Wadala, which is currently on floors. John is her leading man, while Kangana Ranaut stars opposite him. Bipasha is the latest addition to the film, and she will have one scene in the film which leads to an item song.”

Ekta Kapoor confirms the news too. “Aap ko pata chal gaya!” However, she refused to comment any further. The source adds, “Whether John and Bips will have any scenes together is still being kept a secret, but the fact that they are ready to be in the same movie is a new beginning.”

The couple split in 2010.

8 thoughts on “Ekta Kapoor gets John-Bips together!

  1. I dont get it , why after 10yrs of relationship they back down . They were the couple that whole of bollywood was looking foward to their wedding . But not now :( Anyways cuming together on screen seems intersting

    1. They split up because Bips wanted to get married and Jhon didn’t and it just escalated from their. I know they were the best couple in Bwood

      1. i agree they were a really good couple . i reckon john should have married her , its sad cause he didnt , because they would make a perfect couple and their weddding was most awaited , now i cant wait for there on screen pair , wonder will they do good or not 

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