Celebden Style Check!

Priyanka Chopra looked great in her orange Lanvin at a recent launch. A metallic cuff and neutral sky high peep-toe sling-backs completed her look.

Like her look?

22 thoughts on “Celebden Style Check!

  1. Money can make miracles, no doubt! his face is the result of a great investment of money, anyone can look like her with all those surgeries and treatments.  Her natural face with her horrible nose and terrible tooth are in the past, but pictures remains…..

    1. She looked good before also and has always, that’s why she became Miss World and that time their were not rumors of her with plastic surgery. Atleast she does not look like the man Kareena who got her ass done, with her fake cheeks and fake jaw!

  2. to queen Aboubakr hahahahah don’t you see stupid that she is dark and ugly and her real hair is not soft ,,,, she got this look after putting kilos of grams of make up and the lights of the camera and finally fixing the picuters by photo shop

    1. Are you stupid, I saw her at Iffa toronto. She’s not black, she’s not super white and pale like the other bwood actresses. You need to get your eyes checked if you think she is black. These pics are taken by the media, im pretty sure they will not photo-shop it. 

    2. stupid punk,dont u ever talk to me that way…yes priyanka is beautiful,sexy
      u just a racist and im sure u look like gorillas… 

  3. why cant these actresses be more traditional and wear salwar kamiz or sarees leave hollywood glam to the americans and english 

    1. hey ,stupid,she is not black,but she is dark indian,even that,she is not that dark,a lit bit dark,but its not a big deal ,the lady is sexy and beautiful…

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