Vogue India – April 2012..

Gauri Khan & Sussanne Roshan on the Cover of Vogue India.

Like the cover?

14 thoughts on “Vogue India – April 2012..

  1. I really adore Gauri khan.she doesnt scream srk’s name n do care for her adorable children.basterd suzanne on other hand forces herself to match with her superhot husband but end up looking like a bad odoured fossil.stupid muslim ppl can even praise ugly nude bitch like suzanne,even if she looks the worst.They should be ashamed of this nude desperado bitch.

  2. wow they made them look all so pretty when they dont even look like that susanna first of all has uneven skin tone she is really too light skinned and has really dark bags under her eyes and srk’s wife is much darker and looks weird all the time too much photoshoped 

  3. Sorry the pic is not ‘real’ in the  sense that it has been retouched too much.Sussanne eyes for exemple are not drooping and everybody knows that she has strange drooping eyes and eyelids and both of them looks like they are twenty.

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