Celebden Style Check!

Sonam wore a gown by Naeem, picked up from the Spring 2012 collection. She totally nailed it.. Love her look.

You like?

14 thoughts on “Celebden Style Check!

  1. Most of all, I don’t think the proportions work. A baggy top with a poofy skirt doesn’t look right. The pink candy poof skirt would look better with a more fitted top or vice versa. Plus the glitter of the top and the shine of the skirt is just over-doing it. There’s no balance and this is why I can’t understand why she’s considered so fashion forward. She’s not a trend-setter at all. She’s tall, young, fit, has access to the designers and then wears stuff like this. She’s literally an enigma wrapped in a mystery ;-). 

  2. Sonam Kapoor is one of my favourite actresses, and I think her style is amzing. But this dress is a mistake. Well the top half is nice but not the big poofy skirt. Maybe if it was a more subtle colour?

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