Bollywood Poll: Ladies in Housefull 2

Who according to you is the sexiest, of the four??

32 thoughts on “Bollywood Poll: Ladies in Housefull 2

  1. According to your votes,

    The winner of this poll is

    Jacqueline Fernandes – 10  votes

    Runner ups:

    Asin Thothummkal – 7 votes

    Zarine Khan – 5 votes

    Shazahn Padamsee – 0 vote

  2. #1: Asin: she is super hot
    #2: The sri Lankan Chick: She is gorgeous
    #3: I dont even fucking know her???
    #4: Zarine: She is a Huge Whale from the pacfic ocean? Jk she cute jk

  3. Sexiest Lady 

    1. Jacqueline Fernandez2. Asin Thottumkal 
    3. Shazahn Padamsee 
    4. Zarine Khan

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