And the Khan fight continues….

Looks like Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan will never ever patch up. This was pretty evident at two different events on Monday.

Last week, a gala event was organized by business tycoon Mukesh Ambani and his wife Neeta, honour Sachin Tendulkar. The grand party celebrities from fields, from Bollywood stars to cricketers and evenpoliticians.

Bollywood superstars from Aamir to Salman Khan to Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai were all in attendance. However, the baadshah, Shahrukh Khan was missing.

As reported earlier too, Salman went on and on praising Sachin, Salman said: “I hope record ye toot jaye…koi na koi isse tod de…main Aamir ka record bahut der se todney ki koshish kar raha hoon…toot hi nahin raha hai…

“Sachin ke record todna mushkil hi nahin namumkin hai…aur ye Don nahin main bol raha hoon. Aur bol bhi sakta hoon kyonki mera father (Salim Khan) ne likhi hai ye picture. Rights toh unhi ke paas ahin. Amitji (Amitabh Bachchan) ne ki thi ye picture.”

This obviously would have reached Shahrukh.

Getting back at Salman, SRK while speaking at the unveiling of customer campaign for season five of the Indian Premier League (IPL), told reporters, “I get numb by the kind of stories I keep hearing about myself. I try not to take them seriously or comment about them.”

What did SRK have to say about Salman Khan explaining that his father wrote that line for Amitabh Bachchan and that he has every right to use it. “Yes, I made the right comments. My father did not take any objection on that,” SRK told reporters Monday.

62 thoughts on “And the Khan fight continues….

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  2.  The bastard eunuch Salman should not say a word against King Khan!! King Khan is the people’s hero!! Salman is a hero to gaandus!!

  3. why should sachin be happy…when it is a murdering criminal…lady abuser salman that praised him?..sachin n all of india will celebrate when salman goes to prison…

  4. I don’t know y this ganda salman seems to be superior than all these days….but for the world he is recognized as zero who only deserves for ghanta and kela awards.. but Congratulations Badshah SRK for being selected in Chubb Fellowship honor in Yale’s University for delivering lectures which basically awarded to  head of states, Noble prize winners.You are really making us (Indians) and fans all around the world proud for getting those prestigious honors.Really saying bodygaurd salman is only known for those brainless films where Mr. perfectionist thinks no one is wiser than him but the world  recognized him zero…………..

    1. By the world??…so those quantities of a billion which adore Salman globally are pimps??…how can he be recognised as being “zero” when he has a mass following…moreover, your shahrukh is only capable of pursuing lectures to those with no need for his presence to be felt as he is unable to please with his appalling movies…lol…shahrukh probably compelled them to let him present a lecture as his only valid method now is to do something which doesn’t term to displaying one of his flop movies…come on…anyone in their sane mind would choose an educated person to deliver a lecture than a person who lacks knowledge academically…my point is that Yale was obviously bribed as we all regard the fact that shahrukh lacks intellect…Yale or not…it’s not much of an achievement anyways..students are just going to receive a nonsense-filled lecture which would probably be beyond perplexed…and considering the pride of Indians, last time I got to know…majority of Indians appreciate Salman over shahrukh…and the same is applied over the globe!!!

      1. R u in a sense?when shahrukh gets any filmy awards u guys say he purchased by giving money and blab ..blab…n when he got such an honor to deliver speech in Yale university where people like George Bush,Jimmy Carter did before n u say he bribed……don’t be crazy man …..It’s one of the top 10 Universities in the world n which lies in Connecticut ,USA…n u dreamed that Srk compelled them to let him present….BAKWAS…don’t dream man….n if whatever  u r saying is correct then I must say SRK is really powerful person who can rule in UNESCO,Yale Universities and bollywood industries…

    2. hey,bastard,dont u know that SALMAN KHAN IS GOD HIM SELF,
      and u trying to compare him with that loser gay of sharukh khan…
      so, get lost with your usless speech here…

    3. Hahahahhahaaaaaaa……………. Gosh your comment says it all… Can’t stop laughing…. You said it all as it should………..

  5. salman thinks that he is still 20 years old hahahah i just get discusting from him especially when he dances ,   stupid old man …. his attitud like children

    1. Well, from a general perspective…Salman, with his own will, can think whatever he wants…especially if he wants to act like a 20 year old…because, in all open aspects, Salman looks as young and as fresh as a 20 year old…whereas shahrukh, ugh, 2 more years and shahrukh would be needing grandchildren to signify his identity…they’ll call him grandpa shahrukh…lol

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    2. Hahahahhahaaaaaaa……………. agree 500%…. His old bones and wrinkled is appreciated by cheap n garbage society people only………

    1. And when shahrukh does it consecutively it’s accounted as being neutral…lol…seems like weakling shahrukh got offended by hunk Salman…well, you know the cliché…the truth always hurts..hats off to Salman…next time, hope shahrukh shits his pants off…you’d enjoy that, wouldn’t you shine??

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  6. any way,sharukh is a drunker,cheater,beater,he is very selfish,in one word,he is very fake,and dengerous..

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    1. cad…i am not a big fan of srk but he is a decent human…u..r hero salman is the drunk…murderer….lady abuser…

  7. salman is cool ; he is right as always, srk doing salman’s dad movies, then he cant say any thing to salman , coz his father write it , salman is the best………

    1. Honestly…I never thought that Salman had an ambiguous relation with don…seemingly, Salman DOES revolve around shahrukh’s world!!!…too bad salman’s not gay…otherwise shahrukh would’ve targeted him instead of Karan and hrithik…lol

  8. The last paragraph of your article is completely wrong, neharika…Salman quoted that his father has no objection towards his comment….sometimes I wonder…who made you the editor of this site?!?!

  9. Whichever so-called fight, that creates an illusion infront of the media, i’ll always be supporting Salman…turns out…I’m just not attracted to two-faced monkeys…ha!!!…shahrukh, go fix your revolting face and character!!!

  10. WTF  their fight continues and continues doesnt fade away . personally both of them had enough of each other so basically if they dont like each and likes having a distance why make a public rumour about this . Seriously media these days are K-otic

      1.  Hahahaha these comments have made me laugh so much that i’ve had to reply just to teach you a few things Zavah and the other few Shah-rukh khan haters. Firstly Shah rukh khan has made blockbuster movie after blockbuster movie hes probably had 2 flops if i’m totally honest however all of Salman khan’s movie have been stupid, its not comedy its sh*t! And i know you can all agree with me there. Salman is the player, the womaniser, he’s so vain and full of himself that it shows in all his movies too! Shah rukh khan has been with the same woman Gauri Khan, he has alot of respect for women too. He’s not just a brilliant actor hes very intelligent too with his lectures he’s been giving. He also helps alot of people too. The only reason why salman hates shah rukh is because he’s jealous of his popularity! When you watch shah rukh khan acting you get to know his character and you feel it more whereas salman khan’s acting is very ammatuer still. And the fact that shah rukh khan isn’t childish like salman khan not throwing insults about to him after what salmans said about him doesn’t mean he’s weak it mean he’s not bothered because he knows he’s better and he doesn’t wanna stoop to salman’s level by knocking him down. That’s what you call dignity and respect which salman doesn’t have. There is no competition here, shah rukh khan wins hands down. And that shows in his movie reviews, his bank balance and fans.

        End of discussion.

        1. hey both actors will have fans/ haters . both are good actors and i like them both , but dont you think that their personal lives shouldnt be public . We know they had a fight but to keep on going and going , we barley know if this is true or not 

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