Look how Salman and Aishwarya avoided each other!

It was a grand Bollywood gathering at the Mukesh Ambani bash to celebrate Sachin Tendulkar’s 100 centuries, earlier this week. Ex’s bumped into each other, many exchanged glances and a lot more happened at the bash. Well, lets just come to the point.

Salman Khan entered the party with the very gorgeous Karishma Kapoor, while Abhishek Bachchan made an entry with his oh-so-beautiful wife, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Well, we all know the history about Salman-Ash and Abhi-Karishma.

However, the seating arrangements at the venue was made very cleverly. Yet, glances did get exchanged.

Salman Khan seemed to be in a pretty jolly good mood too. He was called on stage to say a few words about Sachin Tandulkar. He was at his witty best.

Sources say, Ash and Abhi did their best to keep away from Salman and Karisma.

85 thoughts on “Look how Salman and Aishwarya avoided each other!

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  2. aishwarya  n abhishek would do their best to stay away from a murdering criminal like salman… aishwarya looked regal in her black ensemble..what is karisma doing with salman …she is a married lady..this is why her marriage has problems…she is surrounded by polluters like salman..

  3. Aishwarya broke off things with Salman ages or eons ago…!!! As much as  Salman fans don’t want to admit it ….!!! it is in black and white…!!! in print and internet form…!!! Nothing personal against Salman…!!! Abhishek is more suited for her…!!! He is a gentle soul…versus Salman who is violent and turbulent…!!! Aishwarya surely made the right choice..!!! As for Abhishek…!!! It quite obvious he took a step up from Karishma who is to snobby…by far Aishwarya is much more gorgeous …sweet…Aishwarya was destined to be the Bachchan bahu…!!! she is doing a gracious and wonderful job as per senior Bachchans…the rest of busybodies mind your own business…!!!

    1. why u look so mad???relax…we all know the truth behind that fake mariage..
      and salman didnt wanna marry that bitch,she cheat on him enough  to dumped her,and what happends to her and vivek???do u really want me to go far and tell u more secrets about her??no ,i dont think ,u will like to hear alll the details,about your fake queen…she is not the woman u think she is…i guess her fake blues eyes,drive u crazy,that u cant see anything bad on her…

      she would be lucky and happy if she married to salman,but im so happy that it didnt happend,that woman is a snake…

    2.  It is a blessing that Salman did not marry a deceiving woman who makes use of people to promote herself and discard them. She is now busy pretending to be a wonderful mum after hiding her pregnancy and even her baby from public’s eye.  To date she has not even uttered a word of how happy she is being a mother or how much happiness the baby has brought her. 

      1. that  woman ash, is a snake…i dont think she want that baby,she never look happier since she got pregnante,but i guess jaya bachchan had to force her,to get a grand  child,after all the fake old queen is 39..

  4. ash bitch 5 years take salman khan dick. and kat 4 years. bt yeah after settle they want dominance that’s way they find imptant bf r husband. all know original actiong of abi in dostana

  5. woow guys chill out. which girls are married and ex-gf of salman khan. thy want daily nite with him. so it mean salman have quality to handle many girls at once.



  7. ooooooo interesting . why cant they just start talking now . i mean ash is married and has a child , karishma has a child too so why no talk . i mean why cant EX’S talk to each other after break ups 

  8. Singh says the bloody gaandu Salman is only good to be girlfriend to ladies !! he can’t please the ladies because the bastard is impotent that is why Singh’s sexy Kat dumped him!!

  9. Stupid Salman fans think Ash and Abhi are not happy together but yet you see them in public or when they are with each other, they are always happy. Salman is the one that’s unhappy he is around 47 years old still single 

    1. oh,let me teach u something,look like u still have a lot to learn..
      going in public pretends that u happy,its very easy,and anybody can fake that..
      that fake couple ash and abhi,are not happy,they are both differents,ash wanna get married for any price,to make proud her parents,she didnt care about love,all she want is to get get married to a bachchan so she can be called mrs bachchan,after all ,she was tired to get used by his costars,slept with her and run away…abhishek,is a papa’s boy,he do everything his father tell him to do,of course ash seduiced the father that way bachchan,can give her his son to marry..
      so finaly,abishek had to agree to to marry that whore,but he never loved her,he knew,that aish,slept with men ,including that big love story with salman…
      that’s why today,abhishek always feel bad infront of salman,he knows he is the one who taste his wife befeore him…poor abhishek..

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    2. It is evident at how jubilant and happy Aishwarya and Abhishek are…!!! guess some people prefer to see what they want…!!! For normal people we can tell Aishwarya and Abhishek are happy..!!!

  10. salman and karishma looking jealous at how happy dat abhishek and aishwarya is. dat old wrinkled penis grandpa salman is jealous out of his mind. he trying to make people laugh to cover he is jealous. aishwarya was too good for the flowering homo uncle salman dat why she pissed on him.

    1. u know very well,that abhishek feel bad,everytime,he sees salman ,do u know why???because salman is the one who slept with his wife for the fisrt time,and share the big love,that ‘s what ‘s killing abhishek…his wife never love someone the way she loved salman,we all know that..

  11. fuck ths fagot motherfucker salman!!! if i were abhishek i would of whipped salman’s ass!!! abhishek is th winner of ths he th 1 tht got th babe aishwarya!!!!

    1. haha!!!!abhishek is the winner????no the winner is salman,did u forget that salman is the first person who slept with ash,and even got her pregnante?
      what u talking about???do u wanna marry a woman who has been sleeping around with men before mariage?????hahaha

  12. give us a break,neharika!!!u just create your own story..ash ‘eyes were on salman all the times,and abhishek’seyes were on karishma,u think we dont what happend,well ,we saw the whole video…ash pretends to avoid salman,but honnesty,she always exicted and happy to see salman,of course,we know that,ash still loves him…but guess she is the one who mess up,   cheat on him, so she gonna regret all her life to lost salman,and marry someone who she never love,but all she want ,is just get married,and make proud her parents, with a bachchan  tag…but we all know, her true love was with salman khan,she even said that once..

    but im so happy that salman dumped her,because she is not good enough for him..

    1. old trannie is  irritated again dat da client did not pay her for hooking him. ugly trannie cow aishwarya kicked salman out of her life . she pissed on him

  13. Aishwarya and Abhishek are delightful together <3 They look at peace with each other <3 God bless both of them <3

      1. me too,hate ash and abhishek,what a fake couple!!!!they pretends that they happy,but we all know what ‘s the secret behind that mariage..

  14. Ash eat your heart out… or should i say ummm Ab eat your heart out… your wife who has had on her first child and that too over 5months ago and look at Karshima she has two kids and yet look how stunning she is looking. You could never tell this women has two kids… 

    I am sure Salman thinks to himself thank god.. if i was married her she would have been like this after words ahahah 

    1. what the fuck yu talking abt bitch!!!! tht asshole salman is th one who should eat his heart out!!!! aishwarya is hot!!!! the motherfuker salman still has nt found any lady bcse he is a fucking fagot!!! wht hell would a man wnt with karisma tht chic has a man’s body!!! i lke chics wth a beautiful face nd sexy body wth curves!!!! abishek shld thank his dam lucky stars he got a fine woman like aishwaya!!

      1. salman dont need ladies,to come to him,the ladies go to him,them selves,and begs him to sleep with…salman already fuck all of them, including aishwarya..
        he is gonna marry someone,who never slept with,he is smart..he is not gonna marry thoses prostitues,i dont blame him…abishek,is just a stupid,how long is gonna take him,to realise that ,that bitch of wife,doesnt love him,she just using him,to get that tag…

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    3. What are you talking about Salman can’t get a girl, even Kat ran away from him. Ash still looks gorgeous. Karishma is only after money thats why she left Abi to be with a business man

      1. what u talking about,u say he cant get a girl??he slept with all the young beautiful actress in bollywood,and im saying ,all of them…he doesnt need to marry them,after sleeping with them,and that’s normal,after all ,they all whores ,including aishwarya..and for your information,katrina still sleeping with salman,he is everything for her..


  15. Ash and Abhi look so nice , not like the other two , you can see their mean and jealous face haha……………….

  16. abhi is very stupid , he better dont talk no interesting i just hate him, ash  is jealous dog , ……..salman and krishma very lovely persons , they are angel. i love them …..

  17.  The dream beauty Aishwarya is married to the a very lucky man Abhishek. exes Aishwarya and Salman are bound to run into each other, they handled it in a mature manner.

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