Salman found in Kat's vanity van!!

Salman Khan was found in Katrina Kaif’s vanity van??? What is going on???

Well, nothing is going on, relax!!

The superstar just borrowed her vanity van as his had some technical problem, while shooting for a commercial at a studio. Katrina was far far away from him. Well, she was in London, romancing SRK Yash Chopra’s next film.

What’s interesting or rather surprising is that besides the van Salman was also using Katrina’s black Audi car.

Will it be Kats apartment next?? 😉

29 thoughts on “Salman found in Kat's vanity van!!

  1. salman is a homosexual but thats ok because i changed sexes and own a penis, he will love my hairy big ass.

  2. This is comment is for fat nose toilet scrubber Queen Abouabkar. i don’t care about salman one way or another but you better stop flagging all the good comments on Aishwarya because if you don’t i will get everyone to flag your creepy comments and all postive salman comments and i know it is you fat nose Aboubakar .your the only with so much free time creepy old fart.

    1. Yes…you would know all about “girl’s” necessities…lol…by the time we know it…you’ll be tagging these necessities as “boy’s”, too!!!

  3.  salman dont like katrina she is a lady flowering homo salman like penis dat why old trannies queen amboobs sara and zavah had a sex change

  4. kat play game with salman not leave him coz she need him for movies and she dont want marry him , i wish salman break up with her and get marry to a nice girl , coz as long as salman with kat marraige will not happen for him …….i hate kat….

  5. No comments on this article…;)…despite this article just being an illusion of the media, all I can quote is that Salman can do much better than her….and that’s why Salman has moved on…it’s about time the media does, too!!!

      1. Firstly, even if he was a grandpa his ass would still look younger than you…and secondly, he just got out of a relationship with katrina…he’ll be going into one anytime soon…that is if he finds a woman who doesn’t use his success, like aishwarya!!

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