Deepika goes dark to increase compatibility with Rajnikanth.

Now that it is confirmed that Deepika Padukone will be playing the lady lead in Rajnikant’s Tamil flick Kochadaiyyan, preparations have already begun. It is heard that the actress will have to get several shades darker so as to match her co-star Rajinikanth.

Says a source close to the project, “We’re applying a special imported technique to the film wherein the actors’ looks, including their skin-tone, has to be compatible. In Kochadaiyyan, the demands of digitalised filmmaking are different. Deepika’s complexion is many shades lighter than Rajiniji’s. When we suggested that her skin colour should be suitably modified on screen, Deepika sportingly agreed.”

Deepika’s complexion will be digitally darkened to match Rajni sir’s color.

Co-producer Dr Murli Manohar said, “The demands and dynamics of the technique known as ‘performance-capturing’ that we’re using for the first time in Indian cinema are different. It requires many adjustments and modulation in the actors’ on-screen performance and personality. Deepika has an important role. She is completely in-sync with the unique technique and willing to do whatever is required.”

15 thoughts on “Deepika goes dark to increase compatibility with Rajnikanth.

  1. what does every1 has to do with the  color ? so stfu and watch the film….   anf iu you have any problem with this so better shut up your  mouth …. .. .    love u deepi <3

  2. The Original Desi Girl’s comments rock! So they are going to make her darker to match his skin colour. Let’s not stop there. How about making her look older too since he is in his SIXTIES? Or is she going to have scary cosmetic surgery to match Rajinikanth’s?


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    1. Ha, ha – funny. 

      I’m intrigued tho – wonder what the story is abt that requires Dips to be ‘dark’.  I also don’t understand how the skin colour will affect the actors’ “performance and personality”!!!

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