Guess who’s the villain in Deepy-Sid’s love story?

By now, we all know about Deepy-Sid split, though they haven’t made it public. Well, any guesses who played the villain in their love story??

If buzz is to be believed, it is heard that Siddharth left Deepika for Sonam Kapoor. If a TV news channel is to be gone by, it is said that Sid is now wooing the Kapoor beauty. Recently, the liquor barons son was all praises for Sonam’s fashion sense.

Now, if the news is true, we wonder where Deepika and Sonam’s friendship will head to. Stayed tuned for more news.


2 thoughts on “Guess who’s the villain in Deepy-Sid’s love story?

  1. No need to worry about Deepika.  She will soon be in the arms of a new man.  Finding man is not a problem for her. 

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