Look who has has some unflattering words for Aishwarya Rai!!

Italian historian and author of about 17 historical novels, Valerio Massimo Manfredi has a few unpleasant words for Bollywood queen Aishwarya Rai.

For those who do not know, Aishwarya Rai along with Colin Firth and Ben Kingsley, acted in the film ‘The Last Legion’, which is adapted from Manfredi’s own book.

Talking to a news agency, Manfredi said, “My character of the leading lady was totally different. She was from a village but Aishwarya was totally different. She was the lover of the protagonist…but she acted as if the film was for kids,” Manfredi is quoted to have told IANS.

In love with Aishwarya Rai’s eyes, Manfredi regretted the lack of expression of love in them.

“She has such strong expressive and beautiful eyes. Some little expression of love would have made the film more different,” Manfredi added.

“I have noticed that everybody who has not read the book liked the film and those who read the book did not like the movie. This is very usual because they are two different kinds of expression. While the book uses words, cinema uses images,”

Manfredi was in India to launch the Indian editions of his popular Alexander trilogy.

44 thoughts on “Look who has has some unflattering words for Aishwarya Rai!!

  1. This is it. Words have it that this picture was unequivocally taken soon after the famous slap from Salman Khan for whatever reason. It’s not funny though, is it?

  2. yea Aishwariya does have one of the most expressive eyes and she is amazingly beautiful…but when it comes to acting she suits more of an innocent indian type girl roles… acting in hollywood films is slightly different and I don’t really think she does justice to hollywood roles…rememba Pink Panther 2? Her character cud hv bn soo much beta bt i fink she kinda ova actd…bt overall she’s very beautiful 2 luk @ n her actn in some o bollywood films wer dazzln e.g Jodha Akbar, Devdas..yea bt she did tend 2 ova act in dhoom 2..bt ppz u cn’t blame her..she’s a beauty queen 4 gudness sake nt n actress

  3. LOL finally someone who is just not blindly by her beauty and has realised that she can not act! i was so glad when bhandarkar chose kareena to play his HEROINE because this girl CANNOT act! 

  4. aishwarya is a brilliant actress…she is one of indian’s finest actresses…this news is not even worth reading or clarifying for that matter..

  5. the busybody news media is taking the whole thing out of context…!!! the man never said aishwarya can’t act…!!!! he even said she had expressive beautiful eyes..!!! he saw the character a little different than the director..!!! perhaps bolder..!!! there is no use crying over split milk…!!! aishwarya did a fantastic job based on the fact hollywood industry works differently than bollywood..!!! 

  6. I am sorry I disagree , her expressions are wonderful & her eyes convey aray of emotions that is why the film critic Khalid Mohamed stated she has one of the most expressive eyes as a actress. Her eyes speak volumes as an actress. It is your opinion& you have the right to it but I believe Aishwarya is one of the best actresses since Sridevi ,God bless <3

  7. Finally someone has made an honest and truthful appraisal of Aishwarya Rai as an actress. In India, most reviews go by popularity and nobody really criticizes popular stars for their lack of performance. Aishwarya Rai is pretty, but she is definitely not a good actress. Her expressions are blank and she can not portray depths of feelings. 

    1. As if your a actress yourself to judge!!!…let me guess your a fan of either katrina or kareena..??? come back and talk when you have tried acting and have been successful in it yourself…!!! aishwarya is a successful actress..!!!

    2. i agree with u,but she is not even pretty, dont give her that credit..
      she put blues lenses,to make her eyes sexy and beautiful, she pumped her self with bleach cream to make her face more whiten clear, and she even did a surgey to her chik, dont know her nose, some like that, so , this is not beautiful,pretty lady , should stay natural..plus , she is a slut and a flop actress… 

  8. She acted as if it is for kids because she is not willing to do bold and naughty scenes these people wanted her to do. Dream beauty Aishwarya is a traditional Indian lady with values and moral .

    1. Traditional Indian lady with values and moral. Really?
      -Dancing in short choli with her father-in-law in B&B (Gajra gajrare) and saying that this song is like ‘their family song’ – check quote on this website
      -Doing bold scenes in Mistress of Spices, Guzaarish, Dhoom2, Robot…
      -Showing more skin than needed on magazine covers even post-marriage when she is the bahu of the respected bachchan parivaar- check articles on this website.

      1. are you some sort of busy body industry person???…what bold seen are you talking
        about in Robot and Guzaarish?…you call that bold? what era are you from??..i hear
        male chauvinist man making such a comment but this coming from a woman…???…they were not out of the box nor really bold only narrow minded people like you would say that..!!! look at the bold scene kajol did with aamir …much more bolder..!!! yet ajay didn’t blink a eye…!!! married women do far more bolder scenes than aishwarya does…let’s not even talk about the unmarried ladies like rani and kareena who think a belt is a mini skirt..!!! you keep these judgmental comments for yourself or your families..!!!

      2. oh let me remind u some details of her, in case if u need help..
        she also slept with her father in law,amitabh, she slept with salman , sharukh vivek, and some of her directors, she is really a bitchh dont even deserve respect, even abishek say to a close friend that he  wish he didnt marry aish, and he regret, but the reason he marry aish , was because of his father who arrange  and insist that mariage
        that’s why jaya and abishek’s sister dont like aish…they just dont know what to do…

        1. u…r katrina is the sleaze..vagabond…she leaves nothing to the imagination in her special appearance song in agneepath..the lady has no shame…find employment n stop faking ids…sakina…indira..queen person…n everybody knows u..r the one using everyone’s name..u..r a filthy second criminal…

        2. u…r katrina is the sleaze..vagabond…she leaves nothing to the imagination in her special appearance song in agneepath..the lady has no shame…find employment n stop faking ids…sakina…indira..queen person…n everybody knows u..r the one using everyone’s name..u..r a filthy second criminal…

      3. cad…u sound quite moronic..so what if she she danced in a short choli?…he wasn’t her father law at the time cad….she does not show more skin than needed…if her husband and family are fine with her style…what is u..r problem?

      1. i think u are the one who does that , using people ‘s ids here,u use your own name to abuse aish,and u pretend that its me who wrotte this, that very sick, u need to some help, why i should use your fake id?? bastard

          1.  we all know that …………….i would punch her so bad ….that she would forget her name ass hole stinky

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