All is well between SRK and Shirish!

A day after Shah Rukh Khan roughed up Shirish Kunder at a party, things are now cool between the two. It is heard that Shirish and Farah met SRK n his wife Gauri at Mannat and sorted out their differences.

Joining Shirish and Farah were Sajid Nadiadwala and Sajid Khan who reportedly sent a SMS to Gauri, if they could come down to Mannat and settle the issue.

Gauri Khan welcomed them pleasantly. On Tuesday evening, Shirish Kunder, Farah Khan, Sajid Khan and Sajid Nadiadwala drove to Shahrukh Khan’s residence and spent almost three hours with the host.

What we hear is, Shahrukh Khan and Shirish Kunder hugged and and made up with each other.
Says Farah, “We hugged and cried like one family.”

Sajid Khan told the media: “Today is a very happy day for me. Today Farah has found her elder brother and Shahrukh has found his young sister again”.

Well, we are happy that the slappy episode ended on a good note.


31 thoughts on “All is well between SRK and Shirish!

    1. i know, last time he drunk, he was about rape a  girl in a studio, do u remember that story, they say, shahrukh khan, was trying to dance with a girl from that city, but he was not allowed , and they had to threat him,but sharukh pay them, to not telling the true story..he is really bad

      1. true, u guys are right,even my self ,dont like shahrukh anymore, he changed alot , and doing flop movies and desrespect him self , by getting drunk and beat people , im not sure if im gonna be his fan, i think, im done with him, plus, he is gay too, i just find out…

    1.  of course you know that because you are so professional on drinking and whoring , no one would know that better than you stinky!

      1.  srk is jealous , even in having fun , he can do too , whats the problem ? oh i know then he cant act like a good husband…….hahahaha……

  1. wtf? Farah khan is the biggest whore in the industry. I hate that fat bitch and her ugly fat son of a hooker brother Sajid. They’re both thief and talentless. Trying to make a career with the help of SRK. If SRK had balls he would’ve told these matherfackers to go to hell.

    1. r u ok??..y r u draging salman into this fight??..salman has nothing to do with this fight..4 ur kind information right now he’s in ”CUBA” for d shooting of #ett……grow up dude n stop behaving like a dumb…….

    2. the cad salman…will hopefully end up in jail..n they will leave salman bhai there.. where he deserves to be..we will all celebrate than..

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