Snow clad mountains back in Yash Chopra Films.

When its a Yash Chopra film, the Swiss Alps, snow and romance has to be there. After eight long years, Yash Chopra returns to the Bollywood industry, making a film with Shahrukh Khan and Katrina kaif. He is busy hunting for a perfect location and needless to mention, he definitely wants his snow clad mountains back.

Confirming the news, Chopra says, “It is being planned.”

Not just the snowy mountains, Kats and SRK will travel to many foreign locations for the shooting of the film, the next scheadule being London.

Chopra added, “Shah Rukh is such a lovely boy. It is always fun shooting with him. We have finished shooting a song here (in Mumbai). Now, we will be going to London next month. After we return, we will be shooting in India for a while. The team is still busy location hunting. Everything will be finalised by the time we come back.”

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      1.  even if i find sal- kat break up its true i will nevr care about kat too , ofcourse after ETT………….i wanted reply to

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