PC-Lolo-Bebo, spotted together!

Kareena, Karisma & Priyanka make a cute pic together backstage at Filmfare Awards.

Like the pic?

19 thoughts on “PC-Lolo-Bebo, spotted together!

    1. so does that mean pc doesnt blow off lolo and bebo with those blown up cheeks? i wonder why would you criticise someone for the way God created them and like those who are completely artificial? 

  1. They all are showing some interesting body language. All three are tilting away from each other at the waist. I guess all is not what it seems. 

  2. Piggy luks gorgeous <3 It is sad Kareena will never admit to her jealously towards Piggy, once they were friends & Kareena's insecurity & cattiness got in the way. I don't like saying bad things about any actress but I feel Kareena needs to learn to be humble . I apologize to Kareena's fans , It is my opinion please respect it.

      1. I am no one to say how people should live but people should listen to God & how he says to live. God created people yaar <3

      1. Hello yaar , I don’t know what you mean? There is no reason for Kareena to be catty or mean to Piggy. What did Piggy do? If you are talking about Shahid?, Kareena broke off things to be with Saif <3 It is wrong to be jealous of others success. If Kareena is mean because of that it would be wrong yaar. God wants us to be happy for others <3 I hope you understand yaar , I didn't mean any offense.

        1. okay yaar i dont like pc personally for so many reasons. no offense to those who like her. there must be lots of people who dot like bebo either. now just to be clear why i do so lets go back into the history yet again then. kareena started shooting for tashan and shahid was already finished with his film viva. news were already doing rounds that shahid was cheating on kareena with amrita. it was in the media. NO girl friend would ever take that lightly. they broke up during tashan but the relationship was on the rock soon after viva. saif was thn already a divorcee and was seeing rosa.saif called it quit with rosa and started dating kareena. so that doesnt make her a home breaker. now comes why i dont like pc. a little slap on akshay’s face by his own wife twinkle is enough to make me dislike pc. she runs into married man for getting what she wants. plus all the surgeries and artificiatly and negative energy she brings along with her makes me completly abhor her. i have already stopped watching her films after fashion. she was good in the movie and now she is playing that role in her real life as well. only hope is if dr. ashok chopra could play the role of that father from the movie in real life or not?  

  3. awwww…. 3 awesome n gorgeous actress… glad 2 see dem together…n hop 2 see dem lyk dis .. alwayz… especially bebo n priyanka.. :)

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