Kareena pinches Imran's butt, Imran feels privileged!

Objections were raised by the Censor Board regarding the ‘butt’ scene which is featured in the second promo of Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu. However, the lead actors of the film, Imran Khan and Kareena Kapoor, were not a bit embarrassed about it.

As reported earlier to, Imran Khan is totally in awe of Bebo and so he says its a privilege to be pinched by her.

Imran said, “I don’t find it embarrassing at all. It’s a privilege to get pinched by Kareena.”

Though the ‘butt’ scene shows the chemistry level between the on screen couple, the Cendor Board have asked the makers to delete the scene, tagging it a inappropriate for the TV audience.

Director Shakun Batra is very upset about this decision. He feels that the scene is not vulgar but humorous and funny.

The romantic comedy which also stars Randhir Kapoor, Boman Irani, Ram Kapoor, and Ratna Pathak Shah in pivotal roles is set to release on Feb 10.

7 thoughts on “Kareena pinches Imran's butt, Imran feels privileged!

  1. omgg get seriouss imran you have a wife man and kareena is not beautifulll your wife avantika is better than her soo get serious plz :)

  2. fed up of this old boring censor board who sees evil in every little things. Me think they are the same people since its creation

  3. What a brain-dead bunch this Censor Board must be!  They pass steamy and explicit scenes yet are up in arms abt a humorous butt pinching scene??  Get real …

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